In case you somehow missed it, the highly-praised GameCube exclusive Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is making a return on the Switch at some point next year.

In an update, it's been revealed the turn-based RPG has now been rated in both Brazil and Korea - suggesting everything is running on schedule. The title was originally announced during Nintendo's September Direct showcase.

When it does eventually arrive, fans can expect the same classic game with updated graphics. It's a similar approach to the one Nintendo seems to be taking with Super Mario RPG, due out next month on the Switch.

As highlighted by the source (via social media), this earlier-than-expected classification for rating could also mean this GameCube hit might be returning a lot sooner than expected in 2024.

If we hear any updates, we'll let you know. When do you think we'll see Paper Mario next year? Take a guess in the comments.