Hogwarts Legacy
Image: Warner Bros. Games

Earlier in October, Nintendo reconfirmed Hogwarts Legacy would be coming to Nintendo Switch on 14th November 2023. Now, in a new update, Warner Bros. Games has revealed there'll be a "Day 1" patch for both the physical and digital versions, requiring players to download an additional 8 GB.

This information was recently shared on the Portkey Games Support webpage. To break it down further, the cartridge size is "approximately 7 GB" and players will need to accommodate an additional 8 GB of space for the patch. And if you want an extra language pack, you'll need an additional 1.5 GB of space per language.

For standard and deluxe digital purchases, this means players will require 15 GB of space for the game and day one patch.

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[source portkeygamessupport.wbgames.com, via gonintendo.com]