The Last Faith
Image: Playstack

Kumi Souls Games' stunning pixel art Metroidvania The Last Faith has finally got a solid release date, publisher Playstack can reveal — 15th November 2023 (via Gematsu).

Those of you who love the gothic atmosphere of the Castlevania series should keep an eye on this one, which is another take on the action-exploration meets Souls-like genres. As Eryk, you are in a race against time as your mind is beginning to deteriorate. Your quest will take you through overgrown woods and huge gothic buildings, and you'll come face-to-face with brutal enemies.

The game was first announced back in 2020 and was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Now, three years later — and after an initial delay back in the summer — we'll finally be able to explore the dark and gloomy corridors of the world of The Last Faith.

A demo is currently available on Steam right now where you can test out your skills against the denizens and deities of the City of Mythringal.

You can watch the release date trailer on the official Nintendo YouTube channel now.

Will you be checking out The Last Faith next month? Explore your options in the comments.

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