Xenoblade 3 Noah Mio
Image: Nintendo

In today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed that the Noah & Mio amiibo — from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 — will be available from 19th January 2024.

The amiibo — which will be available separately — depict the two main protagonists of the newest entry in the Xenoblade series, and both amiibo unlock different outfits, depending on which one you use.

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Be wary, however — if you haven't beaten the game, there may well be some light spoilers below. You've been warned...

Xenoblade 3 amiibo
Image: Nintendo

First up, Noah's amiibo will unlock outfits for the Keves trio of Noah, Lanz, and Eunie — namely, their 'Leisure Time' outfits. Noah will also get a bonus costume of Consul N's Armor.

Mio's amiibo, conversely, unlocks the 'Leisure Time' outfits for the Agnus trio of Mio, Senna, and Taion. Mio also gets Consul M's Armor.

The Leisure Time costumes are the ones that the group wears whenever you're camping in-game

There were plenty of amiibo announcements during today's Direct, with two new Tears of the Kingdom amiibo getting release dates, as well as confirmation of Sora's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo, which is coming sometime in 2024.

Noah and Mio's amiibo will be available early next year, on 19th January. Will you be adding these to your collection? Let us know/