Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image: Nintendo

Update [Sat 9th Sep, 2023 04:00 BST]:

GameStop has revealed Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-orders in the US will come with an exclusive sticker sheet containing characters and power-ups from the game. This offer will be available while stock lasts.

Original article [Thu 7th Sep, 2023 03:35 BST]:

As we get closer to the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder next month on the Nintendo Switch, more retailers are beginning to reveal some additional goodies you can get if you're willing to hand over some coin for a pre-order.

In Canada, GameStop will be offering anyone who pre-orders the game for $79.99 a free keychain. As you can see, it's based on the new power-up in the game that transforms Mario and friends into an elephant.

It's not entirely clear how big it will be in the promotional shot below, but we do know it will be based on Mario's transformation:

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image: GameStop

As mentioned in the fine print above, this offer is valid until 19th October and will be available while supplies last.

There doesn't appear to be any similar deal being offered at GameStop in the US, but if we hear any updates, we'll let you know. Yesterday, we also heard how Wonder had already topped the charts on Amazon's "best sellers" list. Check our Nintendo Life guide for more information about Wonder pre-orders:

Will you be pre-ordering this game? Any interest in an elephant Mario keychain? Comment below.