Publisher Team17 and developer Black Salt Games have today unveiled the third free update for the sinister fishing adventure Dredge. What's more, you can reel this one in today.

The free update this time around adds some slick boat customisation so you can sail in style as well as 13 new species of creepy crustaceans — fittingly dubbed ‘craberrations’. Successfully dredging up these newbies will unlock even more customisation options for your trawler, so this seems like a good excuse to pull on your sea legs and get back out there.

To switch up the look of your vessel, simply speak to the new 'Painter' character who can be found in the game's starting area. This will let you pick out a flag and a fresh lick of paint so you can truly make your boat feel like home. You can find the full patch notes from Black Salt Games here.

Today's addition is the third free update to have floated onto Dredge, with both a photo and 'cosy' mode having been added earlier this year. Looking at the game's roadmap for 2023, all that's left now is a batch of paid DLC which is scheduled to set sail in Q4 and will focus on the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation.

We had a great time with Dredge when it sailed onto Switch back in March, so we are excited to see what the future holds for this one.

Will you be catching this latest free update? Let us know in the comments.