We have taken a look at the YouTube channel Macho Nacho Productions a few times on Nintendo Life (remember the world's smallest GameCube and the 'thicc boi SP'?), but we were particularly interested in the channel's latest video, which saw a Switch OLED get converted into a dedicated home console, and run a lot cooler in the process.

In the video (above), Tito from Macho Nacho showcased the TVii Switch Re-Shell Mod (working title), created by a modder called Set. This build converts a standard Switch into a dedicated home console, removing the chance for handheld play, but letting the system run much cooler in the process. The casing even works on Switch consoles without a working display — making handheld play impossible from the get-go.

Perhaps the biggest perk of the mod, however, is its increased cooling capacity. The build packs in an 80mm fan, which helps to keep the motherboard from excessive overheating, even on consoles that are overclocked. Tito's tests reveal that the casing is capable of reducing an overclocked Switch's temperatures by anything from 2-8°C, actually allowing it to run cooler than a regular, unmodified console.

The process of putting the mod together actually seems like a relatively straightforward one (as far as mods go, that is). The above video from Macho Nacho provides a full tutorial, demonstrating how to line up all of the Switch's internal components inside the casing and where to apply the provided screws.

Of course, the build does remove the handheld functionality that many of us rely on for hours of playtime, but the ability to rescue the console from a broken display and keep it cooler in the process makes this mod a pretty neat one. The designer has made the build available for purchase from their Etsy shop which bundles the casing, fans, screws and USB dongle for around £40 — which seems fairly reasonable if you have the technical know-how and required patience.

What do you make of this Switch mod? Let us know in the comments.

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