Do you find that the Switch is uncomfortable to hold in prolonged gameplay sessions? If so the SwitchCase Kickstarter from Skull & Co. might be an answer. Made from soft TPU material, the idea is that it's easy to slot on, with two different styles of grips to make the Switch much more comfortable to hold. The SnapGrip is pitched as a good all-rounder which will suit most people and games, whereas the TriggerGrip provides stronger grip force and it is designed for players with bigger hands. The grips come in grey or red/blue.

The video also emphasizes that the back of the case is really thin, so you actually don't need to remove it in order to place it within the Switch Dock; even in the video it looks a bit of a snug fit, but in principle it seems like a good idea..

Skull & Co. has a goal of $15,000 (Australian) for this Kickstarter; if you get in early you might be able to pick up a SwitchCase for $29Aus if the Kickstarter is funded successfully. Let us know if you'll be taking a plunge on this project with a comment below.