We have seen some pretty impressive retro gaming creations over the years here on Nintendo Life. There was the huge, fully-functional DS, the Mario Kart gaming cabinet and a LEGO GBA, but this latest build shared by Macho Nacho Productions might just be the most impressive that we have seen for a long while (thanks, Nintendo Wire).

If the headline or the above video hasn't given it away already, a pair of modders by the names of Wesk Retro-fit and CrazyGadget have developed a device called the GC Nano — the world's smallest working GameCube that is made up of real Nintendo hardware.

As outlined in Macho Nacho's video, the build makes use of the Wii's backwards compatibility, trimming the console's motherboard down to its smallest possible size. The result is a device that (excluding the absence of the working disk drive) is a near identical replica of the GameCube, but one that measures in at around the same size as an original Game Boy cartridge.

All of the details of the build are shared in the presentation video at the top of this article, but we can't leave without stressing that the device offers four-player multiplayer just like the original GameCube and runs all of the games without the need for emulation. Now that's pretty neat.

The creators of the device have detailed every step of the project over on the BitBuilt forum, though it does seem to be a build that requires a fair amount of expertise, so we won't be trying it ourselves for the time being.

What do you make of this pocket-sized project? Let us know in the comments.

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