Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will continue the trend of simultaneous multiplayer platforming in the world of Super Mario and this time it's rolling with quite possibly the biggest roster ever, made up of not only Mario and co, but also a number of extras.

Nintendo recently asked fans on social media what character they would be picking first in this new Switch exclusive when it arrives next month, so we thought we would ask a similar question to our community here on Nintendo Life, and add a poll while we're at it to see who might even end up being the most popular character.

Keep in mind the "Yoshis and Nabbit won't take damage, but they also don't transform with power-ups". Daisy is also properly playable. So tell us who you'll be playing as in Super Mario Bros. Wonder in our poll and why in the comments below.

Who will be your main pick in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? (4,038 votes)

  1. Mario35%
  2. Luigi18%
  3. Peach6%
  4. Daisy15%
  5. Yellow Toad2%
  6. Blue Toad6%
  7. Toadette3%
  8. Yoshi3%
  9. Red Yoshi  0.7%
  10. Yellow Yoshi  0.5%
  11. Light-Blue Yoshi1%
  12. Nabbit1%
  13. I will be picking at random4%
  14. I haven't decided yet4%