Lara Croft
Image: Feral Interactive, Crystal Dynamics

There are constant requests for more Switch ports, and one company working around the clock in this particular field is the UK team at Feral Interactive.

In a recent post on social media, it shared a cryptic message about a few new sightings on its gaming radar. If you head over to its website, you can see two games coming "quite soon" to the Switch. Although there are no names attached, we do have some text and pictures.

One features the Switch logo next to an image of dolphins and the text "over our heads". The other one has a Switch logo in front of what appears to be a pool table and the words "now you've got to play the part". You can see some fan theories and speculation on the Nintendo subreddit.

All we really know for sure is that these titles are "upcoming" releases for Feral Interactive and they will be coming "quite soon". The same company recently wrapped up work on The Lara Croft Collection for the Nintendo Switch and has previously released Switch ports for Alien: Isolation and GRID Autosport.

What Switch ports would you like to see next from Feral Interactive? Comment below.