Update [Tue 8th Aug, 2023 03:45 BST]:

Just a few weeks after it was announced the NES side-scroller Shadow of the Ninja would be returning, we've now got a first look at the remake in motion. You can see both Hayate and Kaede in action for almost two minutes.

It's also confirmed KAGE Shadow of the Ninja — titled Shadow of the Ninja Reborn in the West — will be launching on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms in Q1 2024.

Original article [Sat 29th Jul, 2023 04:30 BST]:

If you have fond memories of Natsume's 1990 NES side-scrolling action game Shadow of the Ninja (also known as Blue Shadow in Europe), you'll be pleased to hear a remake is on the way to the Switch and multiple other platforms.

KAGE Shadow of the Ninja will launch in Spring 2024 and is being handled by Natsume Atari and developer Tengo Project. It brings the two-player ninja action to Nintendo's hybrid system, where players select from two unique characters (Hayate and Kaede) who must work together to overcome formidable foes.

"Hayate: The shinobi clan “Ryuuha Shippu” has long been active in the shadows of history. Hayate is a young warrior regarded as its next leader. While he has perfected his skills as a ninja, he is short-tempered and easily loses his cool…"

"Kaede: A young ninja in the same clan as Hayate. As Hayate’s calmer senpai, she is always scolding him for his hot temper."

Tengo Project previously worked Pocky & Rocky Reshrined and remains dedicated to 16-bit pixel art - with "painstakingly crafted pixel art graphics to formulate the game's aesthetic". Key visuals and character illustrations are being done by Dynamic Production - the same team behind the artwork from the 90s original.

And last but not least, the music will feature the work (and guitar) of Iku Mizutani - who not only helped with the original game but is also known for his involvement with other Natsume games over the years like Shatterhand and the Medabots series.

KAGE Shadow of the Ninja will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show, taking place in September. A few screenshots have been released so far, and if any footage surfaces, we'll be sure to update you.

KAGE Shadow of the Ninja
Image: Mikio Tachibana, Dynamic Production / Natsume Atari

And if you would like a quick history lesson about the original game - it's playable via the Switch Online's NES library. You can see this classic version in motion on YouTube.

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