Red Dead Redemption
Image: Rockstar Games

Update [Mon 7th Aug, 2023 15:30 BST]: And it's official:

Original Story: After the troubled release of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch, it looks like Rockstar Games could potentially be remastering another one of its older titles.

It seems the 2010 wild west release Red Dead Redemption, starring John Marston, could finally be making a return. Last month, the Korean rating board listed a new version of the title, and this week Rockstar rolled out a new website update referencing a possible remaster of the title, while also publishing a slightly updated logo.

If you squint hard enough, in the corner of the logo, the trademark (TM) has been replaced with 'R' for "registered". This was highlighted by Rockstar Games enthusiast and social media user 'Tez2'. Interestingly, the Switch is also one of the newly added "platform buttons" on the website, but it's also noted that this is a preview and "not indicative of platform availability".

Nintendo's current hardware could potentially be in the running for a game like this if it was a remaster rather than a full blown remake of the original PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title. There are also other options for older hardware like cloud releases.

Rumours about the revival of Red Dead Redemption have been swirling about for years now. Oddly, a Nintendo Switch controller image was also found within Red Dead Redemption 2. And last July, there were reports of a RDR remaster being scrapped after the release of the GTA Trilogy. However, these latest developments seem to suggest something might actually happen in the future.

So if the rumoured remaster does go ahead, a Nintendo system could potentially be in with a chance - especially after the GTA Trilogy remaster was released on the hybrid platform. And even L.A. Noire was made available to Nintendo fans in 2017.

Would you be interested in a remaster or even a basic port of Red Dead Redemption on a platform like the Nintendo Switch? Did you end up playing the GTA Trilogy on this system in the end? Leave a comment below.