Xenoblade Chronicles
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has mentioned on a number of occasions how it wants to improve stock and reduce supply shortages, and while it's an ongoing effort, sometimes there's a lot more demand for certain products.

Last week, it released amiibo for the Xenoblade Chronicles characters Pyra and Mythra. These also happen to be some of the final amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unfortunately, in some locations in certain parts of the world, it seems these figures have been made available in limited supply and to top it off, scalpers are at it again - reselling the same product on websites like eBay at a higher price.

We've obviously seen similar situations in the past (and more recently) of scalpers reselling items like collector's editions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It's got us wondering if our community here on Nintendo Life has been able to secure this two-in-one amiibo pack. Vote and comment below.

Were you able to get the Pyra and Mythra amiibo set? (3,195 votes)

  1. I preordered22%
  2. Yes, I managed to get it at launch15%
  3. Nope, no luck so far51%
  4. I have no interest in this amiibo set11%

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