Last month, Square Enix lifted the lid on Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, a new entry in the 'Monsters' spin-off series.

It's arriving on the Nintendo Switch on 1st December and focuses on Psaro, a familiar individual (if you've played Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen) cursed by his own father and rendered incapable of harming any creature of monster blood.

In defiance, he goes on the quest to become a Monster Wrangler and get revenge against his father. Along his adventure across Nadiria, he'll meet characters like Rose and Toilen Trubble, and encounter over 500 monsters.

Square Enix has now shared "a new look at Dragon Quest", showing off the characters, monsters and locations. Here's a look:


Voiced by Gwilym Lee.

Rose & Toilen Trubble

"Rose is a gentle, kind-hearted soul, but unafraid to stand up for what she believes in."

Voiced by Emma Ballantine

"A young researcher of magic with a self-confessed propensity for five-finger discounts, Toilen joins Psaro to scour Nadiria for magical ingredients not found in the human world."

Voiced by Hyoie O'Grady

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince
Image: Square Enix


"This cheeky creature has made it her life's mission to seek out the best and brightest monster wranglers of the world. Fizzy becomes something of a mentor to Psaro, and teaches him the basics of monster wrangling."

Voiced by Harriet Carmichael

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince
Image: Square Enix


"These monster allies will join the hero on their adventure, fighting in their stead against the enemies they encounter."

Once again, there will be over 500 different types of monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. You'll also be able to battle Monster Wranglers from all over the world with the game's online features.


This world of Nadiria has seasons, which will mix up the monsters encountered.

There will also be some DLC in the form of additional outfits for Psaro to wear. And there's a mode called 'Coach Joe's Dungeon Gym', where players can explore randomly generated dungeons and battle all sorts of powerful monsters. You can learn more, and see more screenshots on Square Enix's website.

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