If you were getting worried about the silence surrounding Pikmin 4 since its February 2023 Direct release date reveal, then fear no longer.

Today, Nintendo has just shared a brand new trailer for the long-awaiting fourth entry in the Pikmin series. This new footage doesn't show us much of the game at all, but it does set up what seems to be the premise for the game.

In Pikmin 4, Olimar has crashed on a mysterious new planet. As have the Rescue Corps, who were supposed to save him! Now you — the newest member of the team — must follow them and save them from this strange new land.

Going on the trailer, we'll be able to create our own characters and customise their look with a number of skin colours, hairstyles, and face styles to choose from.

We'll likely be hearing a lot more about Pikmin 4 in the comijng months as the game launches on 21st July on Switch. So it's time to sprout up and keep an eye open for all sorts (hopefully) of Pikmin news.

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