Game Builder Garage
Image: Nintendo

The rather brilliant Game Builder Garage is two years old today. Created from Nintendo EPD 4, the team behind the Nintendo Labo, Game Builder Garage was designed to help budding developers get creative and learn how to create their own games.

Over the past two years, we've seen some sublime creations, many of which are inspired by Nintendo's IPs, such as some unique Mario Party-style minigames and a brand-new Metroid fan game. We want to highlight some of our favourites — but also hear from you all and see your creations, if you have them to hand.

While the English Game Builder Garage sharing page has been closed down, fans have built a spreadsheet to keep everything archived and allow people to continue sharing and experiencing their creations. You can find out more about that through P̒̌͒sͥ̇y̔cͣ͌̍rͫ̔ȏw̾͆̇̑'s video.

Before we dive in, we want to thank reader DwaynesGames for suggesting that we celebrate this game back on Labo's anniversary. It's been a while since we've revisited Game Builder Garage here at NL, but shining a spotlight on more than just the "big" creations seems like the perfect way to invite people in.#

To kick us off, Reddit used K3N-K3N has created a simple and cute little Rubix Cube-style game where you need to match up the colours and tiles as quickly as you can.

Pianist_Ready has shown off the beginnings of a Mario Kart-inspired racer, and with some fine-tuning, we think this will be brilliant.

Another person has taken it upon themselves to recreate Sonic Frontiers in pixel art style. Doug's take on the game showcases the first two islands and a miniboss, demonstrated by Sonic Overtime here:

YoBoiNJ's Wuzi is a momentum-based FPS that focuses on a high score-based gameplay loop:

A Upper's Super Mario 3D Isle is, honestly, brilliant. Mill Rev has taken a look at this one, and it blends Super Mario World, Paper Mario, and the 3D Land/World games perfectly.

And we've had Mario soccer, but what about Pokémon soccer? Zonakylez's brilliant use of textures to make 3D models makes for a fun little game.

We could keep on going here, but we wanted to grab just a handful of ones that stood out to us. The r/GameBuilderGarage subreddit is an amazing place to find games and share your work, and YouTube and Twitter are also both full of creativity and fantastic communities of dedicated Game Builder Garage fans.

Not only that, but VideoDojo is also hosting the Game Builder Garage 2nd Anniversary Game Jam. Check out the website for more details on what looks to be a brilliant little project, or watch VideoDojo's video explaining what you need to do.

So, we may have picked out some more recent gems from this fabulous game development kit, but we want to hear from you too, lovely readers. Vote in our polls below and let us know your thoughts on Game Builder Garage in the comments.

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