Nintendo's Game Builder Garage might not have taken off quite as much as the company would have hoped, but talented players are still busy creating some wonderful little games using the software's tech.

A prime example of this, if you'll excuse the pun, is Metroid Attack!, a game created by the folks behind YouTube channel, Looygi Bros. It's a shooting gallery minigame that tasks the player with blasting 50 Metroids; the fiendish enemies come flying at you in waves, and thanks to some clever programming, the wave patterns won't always be the same.

In the video above, the Looygi Bros. team takes us through a couple of stages of the game's development, from the initial concept to the final build. We're sure you'll agree that the impressive Samus and Metroid sprite work really makes the project feel complete, but the whole thing is supremely polished:

Metroid Attack Box Art B
The creators even made this mock SNES box art for their game. — Image: Looygi Bros.

If you want to give it a go yourself, the Game ID is G 002 72C KTL.

Let us know if you manage to defeat all 50!