OLED in Hand
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

Following Nintendo's confirmation that the Switch's momentum is indeed slowing down as we head into FY24, speculation over the eventual Switch successor is naturally starting to grow exponentially.

To add fuel to the fire, tech company Sharp has confirmed that it is supplying LCD displays for a "new gaming console", though it obviously refrained from going into any specific details.

According to Bloomberg (thanks, VCG), CEO Robert Wu confirmed that Sharp is working with an unnamed company on the development of a new gaming console since the R&D stage and that it plans to launch pilot LCD-panel production lines for the device this fiscal year.

Of course, the device in question may not be the successor to the Switch, and the unnamed company may not be Nintendo, but Sharp is known to have worked with Nintendo in the past. Most recently, Nintendo partnered with Sharp to increase production of the Nintendo Switch in order to satisfy growing demand.

For the fiscal year ending March 2024, Nintendo has lowered its forecast for Switch sales, landing on a respectable 15 million. Current Switch sales stand at a remarkable 125 million, putting it comfortably above the Game Boy and the Wii, but still significantly lower than the Nintendo DS.

Do you think Sharp's LCD displays are earmarked for Nintendo's new hardware? Share your thoughts and speculation down in the comments below.

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