We know that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to be set in the same Hyrule that we have each spent many, many hours exploring in Breath of the Wild. Sure, we imagine that there are going to be a fair number of tweaks (hi Sky Islands!), but it looks like the basic skeleton is the same. So, what's the best way to prepare for this return? Replay the first game? Stare longingly at the map? Get yourself a horse and head out on a real-life adventure on your own? You could do all of the above, or you could have a crack at HyruleGuessr, a BOTW-set map quiz (thanks, Polygon) — it's your call...

As the name suggests, this is a twist on the original Geoguessr game, where you are dropped at a random spot in the world (via Google Street View, not literally) before having to guess your location based on clues like road markings, street signs and nearby landmarks.

HyruleGuessr is much the same but (you guessed it) set in BOTW's Hyrule. There are five rounds to play each game, giving you nothing more than an image of Link looking out across his surroundings. Your task is to head down to the map and try to pinpoint exactly where the Hero of Hyrule is hiding. You get more points the closer you are, and there's even a ranked mode where you can post your high scores if you are really up for a challenge.

The game was created by Nimarzel after being inspired by a similar idea from French streamer Farore's Discord channel. Your accuracy is measured in Hyrule Meters (Hm), with the dimensions being based on a Reddit post from user EngineeringHyrule. It's also worth pointing out that the site is not affiliated with Nintendo or GeoGuessr.

We at Nintendo Life Towers all had a crack at the standard game mode, and achieved scores ranging between the mid-13,000s right up to a whopping 24,573 (bravo to our video producer, Felix)! While this proved that some of us are very much ready for TOTK, others (like this writer) really need to touch up on their in-game geography...

If you are after some more Zelda quizzing to get you flexing your Nintendo brain muscles, then be sure to check out some of our BOTW-themed trivia questions below.

What score did you manage to get in HyruleGuessr? Drop a pin in the comments and let us know.

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