Mario Kart Switch
Image: Nintendo Life

We all have our preferred Switch gaming environments. Some swear by handheld play at all times while others will have the system docked on the big screen whenever they can. Then there's a preference of equipment: Joy-Con in a grip, a Hori Split Pad, a Pro controller — the possibilities are endless. And then there are the ones you can make yourself, as demonstrated splendidly by redditor biz101782's latest build: a custom Mario Kart arcade-style cabinet.

This monster build was spotted by Nintendo Wire, who shared the results of Biz's excellent work.

Mario Kart Arcade
Image: Reddit (biz101782)

Combining a Switch system and monitor with a gaming simulator chair and steering wheel set, it looks pretty comprehensive. But the real joy of this build is the casing, which takes the aesthetic of a classic arcade machine and brings it into the home. From the mushroom-decorated woodwork to the authentic neon sign on top, Biz's work takes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's anti-grav racing to a whole new level — even if it does somewhat lose the console's portability. And we don't think it goes upside down.

Thinking of putting one of these together yourself? Biz makes it clear that all you will need is 'Wood, paint, vinyl wrap, TV, and some creative thoughts.' Oh, and let's not forget carpentry skills and the 50 hours required to put everything together. Maybe we'll save this home build for another time.

As glimpsed in the picture above, this isn't the only arcade cabinet that Biz has assembled. Sitting at the back of the room we can see a customised take on the X-Men arcade game, too, which has been modified to suit 4-player capacities. As if we weren't envious enough!

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