Mario + Rabbids
Image: Ubisoft, Nintendo

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope made its debut exclusively on the Switch in October last year and since then Ubisoft has announced three DLC packs.

In an update, the development team behind the game have now teased the second DLC - The Last Spark Hunter. As shown in the brief clip below, it appears to take place in the "Melodic Gardens" and features a new enemy for Mario and co to take on.

While it might seem like a while ago, the first DLC 'Tower of Doooom' only arrived earlier this year in March. This second DLC is expected to arrive in "mid-2023" and will be followed by a third one featuring Ubisoft's legendary character Rayman.

If you've already purchased the Gold Edition of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, you'll already have access to this new content. And if you don't, you can buy the DLC season pass on the eShop for $29.99 (or your regional equivalent).

Looking forward to 'The Last Spark Hunter' DLC? Have you played the second Mario + Rabbids game yet? Comment below.