As you might recall, the upcoming racer LEGO 2K Drive will be a "live service" with seasonal updates and even a drive pass.

2K and the developer Visual Concepts have now officially detailed what players can expect from this whole service with a "yeah 1 overview" graphic. Season 1 kicks off in June 2023 and the fourth one will be underway by Spring 2024.

The content on offer will be broken up into free and premium pass content. Each season there will be 100 levels, new free rewards and new challenges. This content will be made up of new drivers, stickers, flairs, sounds and more. A new biome will also be released at some point in the first year of the game.

In terms of the "premium" paid content (available for individual purchase each season), you'll get an Awesome Pizza vehicle and 550 Coins that you can use on the in-game store. With this paid version of the pass, you'll also earn more rewards, including new vehicles from real-world manufacturers such as Nissan and Dodge.

Unlike certain other live service games, LEGO 2K Drive's Drive Pass seasons will "not have time limits" - meaning you can play at your own pace. And users who decide to buy a season pass after playing through for free, will "instantly unlock all the Premium rewards" based on their current level.

Image: via Gematsu

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