The Legend of Zelda
Image: VIZ Media / Nintendo

The Mario Movie by Illumination managed to bank more than $1 billion at the box office in just 26 days - seemingly opening the door for other movies set within the Nintendo universe.

So how about a Zelda movie? In a recent interview with Polygon, producer Eiji Aonuma was asked if a big-screen adventure starring Link could happen in the future. While he's definitely open to the idea, unfortunately, it takes more than just himself to get the ball rolling. Here's the full exchange:

Q. Does the recent success of the Mario movie have you excited for the prospect of a Zelda adaptation?

Aonuma: "I have to say, I am interested. For sure. But it’s not just me being interested in something that makes things happen, unfortunately."

Tears of the Kingdom director Hidemaro Fujibayashi followed up on Aonuma's response - mentioning how fans would essentially have to speak up:

Fujibayashi: "Maybe the voice of the fans is what’s important here."

The Zelda series has been around for 35 years now with Breath of the Wild currently the fourth highest-selling game on the Nintendo Switch, shifting close to 30 million copies.

The latest release Tears of the Kingdom is already off to a strong start, quickly becoming 2023's highest-rated game of the year and once again highlighting the timeless popularity of this classic Nintendo franchise.

Fortunately for Aonuma, it looks like he might already have support from Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto, with the creator of Mario last month teasing the possibility of more of the company's franchises being adapted into movies and animations.

Both Illumination and Nintendo also seem to think this is just the beginning, with Miyamoto mentioning how he was "sure" the two companies would stick together going forward.

So, would you like to see a Zelda movie one day? What should it be - a live-action, animation, anime or something else? Leave your thoughts down below.

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