Disney Speedstorm
Image: Gameloft, Disney

There have been some concerns raised about the upcoming F2P release Disney Speedstorm, with early access players claiming the Monsters, Inc. racer Mike Wazowski is too powerful. His unique skill "Hold the Door" allows him to teleport himself forward and rival racers backward.

A lot of the game's community is reportedly calling for him to be nerfed and in response, developer Gameloft has now issued the following statement in a Q&A segment on the official website. To cut to the chase, it won't be making any changes to the character, but it will "continue to monitor the situation".

Here's exactly what it had to say, claiming other racers and classes will eventually be able to match Mike when they're upgraded:

"Racer Mike Wazowski is unlockable early for all players. With Upgrade Parts being readily available for him via the Golden Pass, Mike has been a go-to choice for many players at this early stage of the game’s release. While we understand that Racer Mike is extremely popular with players, we want to make sure that everyone can experience racing with many different Disney and Pixar Racers. We have also noticed that Mike appears frequently in Ranked Multiplayer with a high win percentage.

"As players upgrade other Racers to match Mike’s level, we should see other Racers and Racer Classes become top picks for players to compete with. Additionally, as more players unlock, upgrade and become comfortable with more Racers and Racer Classes, we expect to see the gameplay experience naturally balance out and a more varied set of Racers on the winner’s podium. We will continue to monitor the situation and update players."

Below is a look at Mike's special ability in action. You can see the full Q&A on the official game website.

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[source disneyspeedstorm.com, via dualshockers.com]