Update [Sun 9th Apr, 2023 17:05 BST]: The Super Mario Bros. Movie has supplanted Frozen II to secure the biggest opening weekend for an animated movie of all time.

Original Story [Sat 8th Apr, 2023 17:30 BST]: We're still in the early days of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and so far it appears to be smashing it at the box office. In an update, the film is now projected to reach $368 million globally before the weekend is out.

Deadline has provided some more news about its ongoing success worldwide as well - breaking down the milestones across multiple countries in a "Friday update". Here's a quick summary:

  • Mexico: Higher ticket sales ($11.4 million) than any full opening weekend of any April animation within this country.
  • UK & Ireland: Biggest Thursday box office for any animated title ever, and second biggest for a Universal title. $8.6 million in the two days.
  • China: $5.3 million on Thursday
  • Germany: Higher than any April animated or family film full opening weekend, and out-performing four-day weekend movies like Frozen and Incredibles 2.
  • Spain: Another $1.8 million on Thursday, totalling $4 million ahead of Friday. Already beating full three-day weekend premieres such as Toy Story 4 and Finding Dory.

The movie is also continued to perform well (on Thursday) in various other markets including France ($2.7 million), Central America ($2.7 million), Italy ($2.6 million), Australia $2.3 million) and Brazil ($1.8 million). You can see more of the milestones the Mario Movie has achieved so far in our previous post:

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