Super Mario Bros Movie DVD Blu-ray 4K
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Update: The Super Mario Bros. Movie physical home release is out now in North America, and pre-orders are live in the UK (there's no confirmed release date for the UK just yet). All the links you need can be found below.

The all-new Super Mario Bros. Movie has proven to be one heck of a hit at the box office (you can check out our thoughts on the film here if you're interested) and now you have the chance to own a copy for yourself!

The film's available to buy on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, with the latter also being treated to a fancy Steelbook edition that'll look awesome on your shelf at home. There's also a lovely limited Tin Star Edition (4K in the UK, Blu-ray in the US) that is essentially an even fancier Steelbook.

Physical copies of the movie are shipping now in North America and soon in the UK, so if you want to secure an order, do so now at the links below.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie

4K Ultra HD

4K fans have three options (if you're in the UK, at least). There's the standard release, which is also available in the US, a slightly more expensive option that includes a black Mushroom Steelbook case, and the super-duper Tin Star Edition. You'll find all options here:


Looking for the Super Mario Bros. Movie on Blu-ray? You're in luck! Orders are available here, including the Tin Star Edition for those of you in the US:


Ah, the trusty old DVD. The cheapest option is of course the standard DVD release which can be picked up here:


The film's soundtrack is also being released on CD, vinyl and cassette. Here's where you can get one:

Super Mario Bros. Movie - Merchandise

Toys, Books & Collectibles

Those of you in the US can also get your hands on some swanky new toys inspired by the movie. Have a browse:

Super Mario Bros. Movie - Clothing & Artwork

There's more, too, with some lovely framed art and clothing to be had:

Let us know which version you're going for with a comment below, and feel free to read our own review of the film if you haven't already.