Sabotage Studio's Sea of Stars is out this August on Switch, and Game Informer has shared almost 20 minutes of brand new gameplay from this stunning 16-bit inspired RPG.

In the exclusive video — which is part of the publication's cover story on the game — Kyle Hilliard and Charles Harte go hands-on with the game. And we say this a lot with Sea of Stars, but it looks utterly gorgeous, and from every single detail, from the combat, to the exploration, to the music, we can see and feel all of those classic RPG inspirations the game is pulling from.

The video shows us two separate sections of the game — both of which are new and not featured in the demo (which is available on the eShop). The first part of the video focuses on a boss battle in the middle of a cave. Zale, Valere, and Garl must take on a salamander and its commander, which has two phases.

The second part of the showcase takes place in a completely different location — a cursed wood — and we get to see a much darker-looking dungeon along with a few standard enemy fights. That Chrono Trigger meets Super Mario RPG combat looks fantastic, and visually, the lighting really makes a huge difference and sets the mood in each section.

This is just a slice of what will likely be a huge adventure when Sea of Stars launches on Switch on 29th August. It's a packed year for RPGs, and this is near the top of our list.

What do you think of this new gameplay footage? Are you excited for Sea of Stars? Let us know.