Metroid Prime Remastered
Image: Nintendo

The Mario Movie has now banked $1 billion at the box office and Nintendo appears to be up for more films, so it's no surprise famous directors are open to helping out with future big-screen adaptations.

If a Metroid movie ever ends up happening, Nintendo might want to consider Neill Blomkamp - best known as the co-writer and director of the sci-fi action hit District 9 and also the director of the upcoming PlayStation movie, Gran Turismo.

In an incredibly brief exchange with a Metroid fan on Twitter recently, Neill mentioned in a one-word response how he would indeed be open to working on a Metroid movie with Nintendo.

If you're still not convinced, Neill was once in line for an Alien movie - perhaps making him an even better choice for something like a Metroid movie, with the Metroid games originally drawing influence from Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror series.

Of course, before we get too carried away here, Nintendo hasn't said anything about a Metroid movie or any other Nintendo-themed least yet.

About the most we've heard about a Nintendo cinematic universe lately is a comment from Shigeru Miyamoto earlier this month who said there are "many possible ways" Nintendo could go in the future, drawing on "characters that would be fit for movies, or very well-known characters". In the immediate future, it seems like the focus will be on the Mario universe and perhaps Donkey Kong.

Although there's no Metroid movie on the horizon, you can always check out the Metroid Prime Remastered release on the Switch, if you are looking for a Metroid experience. Nintendo recently added Metroid Fusion to the Switch Online's GBA service as well.

Would you be interested in a Metroid movie later down the line? How about one from Neill Blomkamp? Give us your thoughts in the comments.