Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo Life

If you can believe it, it has been one whole year since we first got our hands on Nintendo Switch Sports and immediately decided, "Huh, it's just like Wii Sports. Only smaller. And £50."

Of course, some of these impressions were improved somewhat by the free addition of Golf in November of last year, but for the most part, many would agree that the game, while solid, still feels like not quite enough bang for your buck.

So, what would alleviate some of these concerns? It's all well and good having online play and a whole bunch of odd-looking, non-Mii avatar options to be unlocked, but we reckon that the real way to bring people back around would be by adding another sport — because that's what we all got the game for, right?

There's even one extra arena (two, if you count the central building) on the game's main selection screen that sits taunting all those who care to look closely enough, promising another sport to come but not telling us what it is. Come on, who would leave a menu with four options along the top and three off-centred ones on the bottom??

Of course, this is Nintendo that we are talking about so we shouldn't take menu gaps as confirmation of more content to come (*cough* Mario Maker 2 *cough*), but it's fun to speculate all the same.

Nintendo Switch Sports Spocco Square
Tell us your secrets, bottom right building... — Image: Nintendo Life

Looking at the shape of the remaining building down at the bottom right (yep, we're going that deep) and cross-referencing it with all of the events available on previous Nintendo sports titles, we'd say that baseball or basketball would be in with a shout — the overall outline kinda resembles a baseball field, while the circle kinda resembles a basketball. Kinda.

Ok, so yes, we are very much reaching here, but the prospect of another sport or two being added doesn't seem impossible. Below, we have gathered all of the options from both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort that are yet to make the Switch Sports lineup (removing Resort's 'Swordplay' because it's basically Chambara) and put them into a poll for you to choose which you would like to see come next. Of course, the next sport to be added (assuming there is one) might be something completely new, so you can use the 'Other' option at the bottom and then take to the comments with your prediction.

Here's a list of what might come next:

Which event should be added to Nintendo Switch Sports next?

Which sport did you vote for? Get warmed up and then leave us a comment to let us know.