Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Last week, Nintendo announced it would finally be rolling out its new free golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports. It's now officially gone live, meaning you should be able to update your copy and play it right now.

This latest update bumps the game up to Version 1.3.0. Included with golf is the 'survival mode' - supporting eight-players. This update also adds LAN play and addresses "several issues".

"Hit the fairway across 21 holes from the Wii Sports series and tee up with friends in local or online play, or get golfing together with up to eight players in the all-new online Survival Golf mode. The player who takes the most strokes each round will be eliminated."

Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo's official support page:

Ver. 1.3.0 (Released November 28, 2022)


  • Golf has been added. It can be enjoyed in all modes: Play Globally, Play Locally and Play with Friends.
  • We added a Shot Assist mode in Golf to make it easier for beginners to play. To use it, go to Options → User Settings → Other.
    • This setting only applies to Play Locally and Play with Friends.
    • Please be aware that even if you have Shot Assist mode on, your setting will revert to Normal in Play Globally mode.
Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Play with Friends


  • Several issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.

Have you tried out this update yet? Notice anything else? Comment below.