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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Omega Strikers (Odyssey Interactive, 27th Apr) - Duke it out in this free-to-play online multiplayer showdown! Smash opponents off the arena and score goals in this lightning-fast 3-v-3 footbrawler. As one of more than 15 Strikers, you’ll sling slime, toss tofu and rocket boost to victory, air hockey style. Omega Strikers slides onto Nintendo Switch today!

Switch eShop - New Releases

44 Minutes in Nightmare (Takashi Sowa, 27th Apr) - The game is a roguelike horror in which everything is random: a different dungeon each time you play, items that are constantly being rearranged, four different types of enemies with different characteristics and special enemies that appear rare, and three different escape routes.

Alicia Griffith: Lakeside Murder Collector's Edition (Ocean Media, 20th Apr) - Alicia, detective from a big city comes for a vacation in a quiet town in the mountains. But murder took place and local sheriff needs her help. In order to solve the mystery behind the ritual murder Alicia will pass through mountain town, deep forest, old mansion and many other locations. Expect the unexpected as this unusual plot twists and turns its way through the seemingly sleepy lakeside town.

AMAZE! (QubicGames, 28th Apr) - Let's pop & move the ball and paint - you’ve got to color and paint your way across the AMAZE maze puzzles. Watch out! AMAZE gets harder as you play, color and paint the maze, and fill in puzzles! Painting the maze puzzles sounds easy, but you have to be super strategic to color and fill every square. Make sure you fill in puzzles COMPLETELY!

Animal Shelter Simulator (Ultimate Games, 21st Apr) - Save our four-legged friends! Animal Shelter Simulator grants you the opportunity to tackle the challenging but also highly rewarding task of running a refuge for strays and rescues. Witness firsthand how much effort goes into helping abandoned and injured animals as you handle a number of tasks necessary for your shelter to operate smoothly.

Arcade Archives COSMO GANG THE VIDEO (HAMSTER, 20th Apr) - "COSMO GANG THE VIDEO" is an action game released by NAMCO (Bandai Namco Entertainment) in 1992. Operate the Cosmopolis fighter " HYPER BEAT " and repel the thieves "COSMO GANGS". Clear the stage by defeating all the Cozmo Gangs in the GANG (stage). If you hit the enemy's attack, you will lose one "HYPER BEAT", and if you lose everything, the game will be over.

Ash of Gods: The Way (Aurum Dust, 27th Apr) - A turn-based story-driven tactical card game with hand-crafted battles — each with different rules and objectives. Build and adjust your deck with characters, spells, and items from four factions. Adapt your strategy and make wise choices to decide what ending you get...

Bramble: The Mountain King (Merge Games, 27th Apr) - Explore the beautiful yet dangerous and twisted land of Bramble in your endeavour to rescue your sister. Traverse a wondrous landscape and survive deadly encounters with Bramble's many hideous creatures. Bramble The Mountain King takes you on a gripping and unsettling journey through stunning environments. Take on the role of Olle, a young boy setting off to rescue his sister, kidnapped by a dreaded troll. Not everything in Bramble is exactly how it seems. Watch your step... Read our Bramble: The Mountain King review

Carbage (RedDeer, 21st Apr) - Carbage is a charming, easy-to-use, no-threshold, bumper car game for everyone with a cartoonish style, where you can play with your friends. Pick your drivers – Who will be the winner today? The screaming punk, the redheaded woman, the cute teddy bear, or the funny alien? They are all already waiting in the starting blocks to overtake their opponents and overcome obstacles to the win. Be fast and smart Press the gas to the throttle.

Chernobyl: Origins (Nelset interactive, 28th Apr) - You have to solve a lot of puzzles to find out the terrible secret of the catastrophe at the nuclear power plant. The game will take you to 1986, to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. You will have to be in the shoes of one of the scientists of a secret laboratory based in the depths of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Escape the station before it's too late!

CMSR (ECC GAMES, 24th Apr) - Take on the role of a car mechanic who starts their first car workshop. The game features a day and night cycle, which introduces a specific rhythm and requires organizing your work accordingly. By accepting more and more complicated orders, you can develop your skills. Along with the development, a number of additional possibilities open up to you. You can collect and tune up cars and take part in a number of complicated racing challenges.

Color Pals (eastasiasoft, 3rd May) - Welcome to the cute and satisfying world of Color Pals, where brainteasing puzzles meet simple single-screen platforming fun! Enjoy 50 stages of hue-based trickery as you take the role of a colored cube and navigate 2D maze-like levels to reach a portal on the far side. But be careful! You can only touch walls, floors, ceilings and platforms that match your current color. Replay stages as many times as it takes, and freely replay cleared levels any time to improve your skills!

Contraptions 2 (Funbox Media, 27th Apr) - How many steps does it take to change a light bulb? If your answer is 10 or more, then you are ready for "Contraptions" - a game where the goal is to fix whacky contraptions that perform simple tasks in indirect and convoluted ways, Rube Goldberg style. Use camels as trampolines, champagne bottles as cannons, balloons to lift objects, fireworks wheels to drive conveyor belts, magnets to attract metal objects, and many more gadgets to solve the puzzles and clear the levels.

Convenience Stories (Kairosoft, 27th Apr) - Are you ready to redefine convenience? Step into the shoes of a convenience store manager in this charming business sim. Arrange and customize the store using a wide variety of products - candy, drinks, even hot meals. The choice is yours! Add a news stand to sell the latest magazines, comic books, and more. Just remember - this is not a library!

Cyber Neon Bundle (QUByte Interactive, 27th Apr) - Cyber Neon Bundle is a collection of two cyber theme games; CYBERHUNT and RAZORTRON 2000. Both are frenetic action games where you’ll use your skills to win everything! CYBERHUNT is a retro procedurally generated twin stick shooter that takes you back to the sweet machines era, where you can play the arcade and missions mode.

Dig Deep (QubicGames, 28th Apr) - Shovel your way to success: go underground and dig for treasure like a mole on a mission. But don't worry, you won't get stuck in a hole - unless you forget to hire workers to boost your digging empire. This game is the perfect blend of laziness and ambition. Your job is to sit back, relax, and let your hired diggers do the dirty work while you search for those sweet gems and diamonds.

Dormitory Love (PLiCy, 28th Apr) - Spring has arrived, and love is in the air! Get ready to fall head over heels in love with the unique characters in the fully-voiced romantic visual novel game, "Dormitory Love. " Set in a student dormitory in Tokyo, this game follows the story of Jun Minase, who suddenly finds herself working as the dorm manager for a group of international students.

Drop – System Breach (Microprose, 25th Apr) - DROP is an action-strategy hacking simulator with puzzle and roguelike gameplay elements. Challenge yourself to the unique gameplay and intensity offered by Developer Etherfield Studio. The future is disconnected. The world has recoiled and fractured into countless digital enclaves and virtual fortresses in an era of digital isolation, suspicion, and espionage. In this world, there’s only one truth: hackers get fame, money, and dead if they’re not careful.

Fortress Building Puzzle – Galaxy Cube Tower Simulator Game (INSTAMARKETINGANDGAME, 20th Apr) - Fortress Building Puzzle is a puzzle game where you need to strategically remove all the cubes to bring your castle to the ground, which is quite high. You must carefully consider which cubes to remove and in what order, as the structure must maintain its balance or else it will topple over prematurely. You can choose the degree of difficulty from floors of cubes.

Fortress S (Daewon Media, 4th May) - The latest addition, Fortress S, includes a story mode in which you can go on a journey to collect 29 different tanks, a battle mode for up to four players simultaneously, and a classic mode that retains the original turn-based actions. There's also a music player with classic BGM, including the Sky Map theme song, and ten different sorts of minigames to keep you pleasantly entertained.

Fran Bow (Killmonday Games, 28th Apr) - After witnessing the gruesome deaths of her parents, a peculiar young girl named Fran is imprisoned in Oswald Asylum. To survive the asylum’s cruel experiments, Fran self-medicates, giving her the ability to see a sinister alternate world, the Ultrareality. Follow Fran on her epic journey through the Ultrareality to uncover who killed her parents, reunite with her missing cat Mr. Midnight, and return home to Aunt Grace, her only living relative.

Gematombe (Ratalaika Games, 27th Apr) - Launch the ball to hit and break consecutive gems of the same color to achieve incredible chain reactions! Overwhelm your opponents to CRUSH them or maximize your chain combos and CLEAR your screen area of gems to win with a GEMATOMBE! Blast through challenging levels and game modes packed with puzzles and action and help Pandora, the All-gifted heroine, in her wonderful adventure to capture all the evils that were released in the world! Meet lovely characters and see how they interact through Story mode, play through the endless challenge in either the practice mode or survival mode and unlock all the secrets!

Halftime Heroes (Bigboot Studios, 21st Apr) - Instant RPG Action Halftime Heroes is a Survival Rogue Action RPG where you fight monsters, defeat bosses, obtain loot and spend gold increasing your skills! Magic, loot and monsters 6 different classes with different strengths 4 Different modes instantly unlocked for different playthroughs Fight against hordes of monsters 5 different bosses waiting with awesome loot Roll for luck, throw the dices and improve the treasure you find!

Invercity (Flyhigh Works, 3rd May) - Panic in the city due to the "Handstand Phenomenon" in which objects fall into the sky! A reporter who loves handstand is chosen to cover the event. While covering various parts of the city, she tries to find out the mystery behind the "Handstand Phenomenon"! Invercity is a puzzle-platformer that features "Handstand". The game has two important mechanics: "Handstand" and "Inverted Broadcast".

Itorah (Assemble Entertainment, 21st Apr) - You are the only human left in a world full of masks. Guide Itorah through a fantastic world inhabited by strange masked beings. Mankind has vanished and Itorah seems to be the last of her kind! To uncover her past she will have to pick up her loud-mouthed axe and fight her way through lush forests, dangerous temples, stormy cliffs and more hand-painted biomes. Their innocent quest for knowledge quickly turns into a mission to save this strange new world from its biggest threat: A mysterious plague that threatens to consume everything.

LOUD: My Road to Fame (QubicGames, 28th Apr) - Come for the music, stay for the wholesome story. LOUD: My Road to Fame is a music arcade rhythm game in which a teenage girl embarks on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery through music. New spin on Guitar Hero’s formula — Get ready to rock with new approachable and immersive arcade guitar controls. Keep your eyes sharp and fingers primed as each note has a good way to play it and a perfect one that requires additional input.

Magic Pen Tracing Book (Pix Arts, 28th Apr) - Magic Pen Tracing Book will allow your kid to learn how to trace Letters (uppercase and lowercase) and digits. Using his/her fingers, he/she will be able to trace and fill single letters and numbers or complete words. With the Type To Trace feature, enter your own words or more complex numbers to get your kid tracing and learning them. This game is a complete educational package allowing to learn while having fun.

Mercenaries Lament: Requiem of the Silver Wolf (CIRCLE Ent, 27th Apr) - Mercenaries Lament is a tactical simulation RPG set in a fantasy world. Battles occur on quarter-view maps with height differences, where character positioning in the front, back, and side of enemy units may very well determine each battle’s outcome. Support effects depend on where allied characters in your party are positioned, allowing players to enjoy highly strategic maneuvers.

Minabo – A Walk Through Life (SelectaPlay, 28th Apr) - Minabo - A walk through life is a social simulation game where you walk the path of life while your turnip grows and thrives (or not) in its social relationships.

Mugen Souls (eastasiasoft, 27th Apr) - Mugen Souls features turn-based combat on a free-roaming battle map, party and skill customization, expansive worlds to explore, and plenty of that “moe” aesthetic fans adore! Destroy crystals on the battlefield to activate Hyper Mode, execute combos and use Moe Kill techniques to enslave enemies, transforming them into items by exploiting their weaknesses. Create a unique cast of minions by customizing body parts, facial expressions, job classes, and more!

NachoCado (RedDeer, 21st Apr) - HOLY GUACAMOLE NachoCado is a fast-paced, cartoonish side-scrolling game, that pits the delicious avocados against the crunchy and sneaky nachos. The map is filled with waves of nacho enemies; only YOU can stop them. DO YOU LIKE TOMATOES?

Namariel Legends – Iron Lord (Joindots, 20th Apr) - For hundreds of years, people had lived in peace in the picturesque kingdom of Namariel. But one day, their tranquility was shattered. The sky, once so beautiful and blue, turned angry and red. Aided by his army of robots, the cruel and heartless Iron Lord seized the lands. This happened twenty years ago—on the day you were born. Become Princess Amelie and free your people from the Iron Lord’s merciless grasp. Davincino, a skilled mechanic, and the denizens of the magical forest will aid you!

Ninja Smasher! (Flyhigh Works, 27th Apr) - In this fresh take on ninja-based action games, use your ninja to battle the monster army! Get ready for some excitement in your life with this fast-paced action game, filled with the type of exhilarating energy that only ninjas possess! From katanas, to throwing knives, to ninjutsu, you must master your ninja skills in order to save the kidnapped princess!

Nuclear Blaze (Red Art Games, 28th Apr) - Nuclear Blaze is a dynamic 2D Action game in which the player plays as a firefighter air-dropped in the middle of a mysterious burning facility. A huge fire is raging and you are sent on the spot to stop it.

Piano for kids (RedDeer, 28th Apr) - A marvel of modernity A small, handy musical instrument that you can take anywhere you want – the first piano for your kid. Let your children explore sounds. An educational value Music develops memory and improves motor skills and concentration. With its total power, you will awaken your child's creativity and sensitivity to beauty.

PICROSS S9 (Jupiter, 27th Apr) - The 9th Picross S Series is the definitive edition of the hit illustration puzzle game! Play classic Picross, as well as Mega Picross featuring Mega Numbers, Color Picross featuring colored hint numbers, Clip Picross where you complete stories, and bonus Extra content featuring large puzzles. Supports touch screen as well as button controls. This release includes the new "Rewind Board" feature.

Plague Universe (Arcade Distillery, 20th Apr) - Bundled together 3 games within the Plague Universe. Death Tales, a action platforming rpg. Plague Road, a turn based rogue lite rpg. War Theatre, a turn based strategy rpg.

Road Builder (Ultimate Games, 22nd Apr) - The player's task is to connect selected entry and exit roads by creating complex structures of intersections and junctions so that traffic interferes with each other as little as possible. Are you frustrated with traffic jams on the road? In this game, you will play the role of an architect, and the fate of the drivers will be in your hands only. Think and create optimal roads so that as many cars as possible pass through them in the shortest possible time. Don't forget about the budget!

Roomie Romance (Gamuzumi, 27th Apr) - Mira is starting a new job in a new city, and doing her best to fit in. But things get awkward quickly when she falls in love with her beautiful roommate and Senpai at work. Follow the growing relationship between Mira and her new Senpai over the course of a year. Your decisions will determine not only the events that occur throughout the game, but also who you meet along the way, how you interact with them, and ultimately which ending you will receive.

Ship Graveyard Simulator (Ultimate Games, 27th Apr) - Visit the largest ship graveyard in the world. A dozen kilometres of beach filled with wrecks. Hundreds of ships wrecked on the coast. Thousands of tons of steel. Choose the most valuable ship for you and start the adventure. Play as one of the workers during the most dangerous work in the world. Cut, hit, weld! Dismantle the whole ship and sell the obtained parts and upgrade your equipment. Explore all decks of the ship for valuable items.

SPOOKWARE (Dread XP, 20th Apr) - A WONDERFUL ROAD TRIP THROUGH THE LAND OF THE DEAD Join the three skelebros -Lefti, Midi, and Righti- on a grand road trip through the cutesy world of the dead. After realising they wasted their lives watching horror movies, they decide to embark on a big adventure.

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery (Aksys Games, 27th Apr) - Shoot to defeat the Spooky Spirits! Aim carefully and shoot non-stop in Carnival Mode. Fire at the goodies in the gallery or the ghosts in the haunted house – Choose either stage and take aim to defeat the spirits. Test your skills with many minigames in Party Mode and play with up to 3 players. Unlock the Spirit Stairway Challenge for more games and ghosts! The higher you go, the tougher it becomes.

Story of Abandoned School – Silent Escape Horror (VG Games, 20th Apr) - An Abandoned School where children used to study and teachers used to work, has become a local nightmare for local residents, every local resident knows that you can’t visit this place and even approach it, strange things happened there in the past and to this day, everyone who approaches the school has disappeared unknown, but one day there was one brave man who decided to find out the truth and for his constantly tormenting nightmares.

Strayed Lights (Embers, 25th Apr) - Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure with fluid combat and an intricate world imbued with mystery. You are a tiny, growing light seeking transcendence. Face giant creatures who went rogue, deformed by their emotions but yet feel familiar, unravel the story of your newborn light on its mystical lifelong journey and explore wild nature and ruins while your inner demons try to hinder your progress.

Super Alloy Ranger (Neverland, 28th Apr) - BACKGROUND While chasing the fortune worthy criminal Lamos on their Alloy Ranger, Space Hunters Kelly and Rambos were trapped by the protective field of the abandoned planet Tanwada. Just as they were struggling to find a way out, robot sisters “No. 2” and “No. 3” appeared out of nowhere and had asked to join them on their adventure! Meanwhile, a mysterious program infected the mechanical army on planet Tanwada and led to their continuous self-evolution.

Super Dungeon Maker (Rokaplay, 3rd May) - Super Dungeon Maker is a creative pixel art dungeon editor inspired by the best 2D adventure games. Choose however many levels, enemies, secret rooms, traps and items you want. Challenge your friends and the community to master your dungeon or play the countless dungeons of the community.

Super Geisha Neon (ChiliDog Interactive, 21st Apr) - Kind-hearted girl was trapped by the evil shogun. He wants to forcefully marry her, but that’s not gonna happen — our brave geisha will surely find the way to escape her prison cell and past all the deadly traps and labyrinths of the mighty evil-doer. Luckily she has a tiny sidekick by her side — a talkative mouse who will guide her through these deadly halls. Super Geisha Neon combines the platforming experience with arcade puzzles just like they did in the 80’s. Trust us, it’s old school all the way.

Super Trunko Go (Dolores Ent, 27th Apr) - The ominous Lord Tusk is up to his tricks again and threatens planet domination! Lord Tusk and his dark magic is controlling the planet's citizens and is wreaking havoc in every corner! Professor Ellie, the planet's key advisor acknowledges this threat and seeks for Super Trunko, a space elephant for help! Take control of Super Trunko in this challenging top down shooter and blast your way until you restore peace! Immerse yourself in Super Trunko's world, run, blast, jump on platforms and experience the stunning environments!

Terra Flame (Terarin Games, 4th May) - Terra Flame is a horizontal shmup inspired by the 90's. Game features: Implemented a system that can switch between three types of weapons in real time. Includes arcade mode and caravan mode. Supports online ranking. Pixel art inspired by the 90's. Includes chiptunes using FM sound sources. Arcade mode In arcade mode, you will clear eight stages along the story. The mission will be completed when you clear all the stages. There are 3 levels of difficulty. Caravan mode In caravan mode, compete for high scores on a dedicated stage for only 3 minutes. All modes support local ranking and online ranking.

The Companion (RedDeer, 28th Apr) - JOURNEY TO THE WEST Explore seven majestic landscapes, darting through them as an agile fox spirit. Experience the world's beauty and help save others from its ugliness. Become the ultimate Companion. FIND YOUR PATH Create a connection to the real world, collect Essence, and uncover Artifacts to solve this giant puzzle. If you feel lost, summon spiritual creatures to guide you.

The Creepy Syndrome (JanduSoft, 27th Apr) - A psychological horror adventure game. Discover the four interconnected psychological horror stories. Explore different retro pixel art 1 bit to 8 bit environments in each of the stories. From a third person view in the purest retro style to a first person system reminiscent of old labyrinth games. In a mysterious and strange consultation with the psychiatrist, he analyses you by making you play disturbing video games, with different endings.

The Excrawlers (Valkyrie Initiative, 26th Apr) - The Excrawlers is an action-RPG slasher game in which you and other heroes will have to plunge into the dark atmosphere of dungeons filled with monsters and madness. Find out how you got here, complete all the challenges and fight five deadly bosses to be able to get out!

The Mortuary Assistant (Dread XP, 20th Apr) - Having completed your degree in mortuary sciences, you have taken on an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. Over the past several months you have logged many hours aiding the Mortician in daily tasks along with learning the ins and outs of the embalming process as well as how to properly handle and care for the deceased. Late one night, you are called into work to handle some embalmings. Death doesn’t keep day time hours. But there is something different about these bodies because there is something different about you. The phone rings with the Mortician on the other end. The rumors are true, and you can not leave.

Toziuha Night: Dracula’s Revenge (TuanisApps, 2nd May) - Follow the story of Xandria, the iron alchemist. Seeking revenge, she accepts the dangerous mission to put an end to the evil that resides in Dracula's castle and torments the people of Transylvania. Fight with an iron whip in this retro-style & Classic-Vania adventure.

Varney Lake (Chorus Worldwide Games, 28th Apr) - What really happened at Varney Lake? 1954. During the long, hot summer, Jimmy, Doug and Christine are spending their fourth vacation together at Varney Lake. Teenage crushes, pranks and card tricks, long days of adventure, a pipe dream of saving the local drive-in from demolition; they’re kids, coming of age. Until they find the Vampire.

Velocity Noodle (Top Hat Studios, 27th Apr) - Help your little noodle stall by running, jumping, sliding, and teleporting to deliver noodles as quickly as you can in this high flying, breakneck speed, fast paced 2D platformer. Become a speedrunner and discover intuitive routes, fluid movements, and dodge traps to beat record times and unlock rewards.

Waves Running Simulator – Surfing Hyper Runner Casual 3D Games (INSTAMARKETINGANDGAME, 20th Apr) - Welcome to Waves Running Simulator, the ultimate game for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies! In this game, your mission is to run as fast as you can to save yourself from the massive waves that threaten to swallow you whole. With every passing level, the tsunami becomes more dangerous, making your journey even more challenging.

Weeping Willow – Detective Visual Novel (Sometimes You, 3rd May) - Weeping Willow is a kinetic visual novel in the genre of detective story, which takes place in the small medieval town of Weidendorf. This town was quarantined due to an outbreak of plague in poor neighborhoods.

your future (Hero Game, 24th Apr) - One day, the main character, Mirai-kun, discovers a mysterious door. what is this world like? Mirai-kun goes through the door and goes back and forth between the modern world and the mysterious world. What exactly is the mysterious person's purpose?

What will you be downloading this week? (183 votes)

  1. Omega Strikers8%
  2. 44 Minutes in Nightmare  0%
  3. Alicia Griffith: Lakeside Murder Collector's Edition  0%
  4. Amaze!  0%
  5. Animal Shelter Simulator1%
  6. Arcade Archives COSMO GANG THE VIDEO5%
  7. Ash of Gods: The Way2%
  8. Bramble: The Mountain King2%
  9. Carbage  0%
  10. Chernobyl: Origins1%
  11. CMSR  0%
  12. Color Pals  0%
  13. Contraptions 2  0%
  14. Convenience Stories  0.6%
  15. Cyber Neon Bundle  0.6%
  16. Dig Deep1%
  17. Dormitory Love  0.6%
  18. DROP - System Breach  0%
  19. Fortress Building Puzzle - Galaxy Cube Tower Simulator Game  0%
  20. Fortress S1%
  21. Fran Bow2%
  22. Gematombe  0%
  23. Halftime Heroes  0%
  24. Invercity  0%
  25. Itorah1%
  26. LOUD: My Road to Fame  0%
  27. Magic Pen Tracing Book  0.6%
  28. Mercenaries Lament: Requiem of the Silver Wolf2%
  29. Minabo - A Walk Through Life  0%
  30. Mugen Souls3%
  31. NachoCado  0%
  32. Namariel Legends - Iron Lord  0%
  33. Ninja Smasher!  0.6%
  34. Nuclear Blaze3%
  35. Piano for kids  0.6%
  36. Picross S97%
  37. Plague Universe  0%
  38. Road Builder  0%
  39. Roomie Romance  0%
  40. Ship Graveyard Simulator  0.6%
  41. Spookware  0%
  42. Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery  0.6%
  43. Story of Abandoned School - Silent Escape Horror  0.6%
  44. Strayed Lights1%
  45. Super Alloy Ranger1%
  46. Super Dungeon Maker15%
  47. Super Geisha Neon1%
  48. Super Trunko Go  0%
  49. Terra Flame1%
  50. The Companion  0%
  51. The Creepy Syndrome  0%
  52. The Excrawlers  0%
  53. The Mortuary Assistant1%
  54. Toziuha Night: Dracula's Revenge2%
  55. Varney Lake  0.6%
  56. Velocity Noodle  0%
  57. Waves Running Simulator - Surfing Hyper Runner Casual 3D Games  0.6%
  58. Weeping Willow - Detective Visual Novel  0%
  59. your future  0%
  60. Nothing for me this week32%

So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!