One of the highlights of the Mario Movie was when Bowser...spoiler alert...performed the song 'Peaches' about the Mushroom Kingdom's princess.

The song, performed in real life by Jack Black, has been charting ever since, and now it's made it into the 'Billboard Hot 100' in the US, debuting at 83 on the list. As noted in a fun fact on social media, it's Jack Black's "first career solo song" to appear on this chart:

According to Billboard, Peaches was streamed over 5.8 million times and had 6,000 downloads in its first week. It's also debuted at No. 6 in digital song sales.

This latest success follows the same song breaking into the top 100 on iTunes. It's now also eligible for an oscar-nomination, with Universal able to submit it for 'best original song' consideration at The Academy Awards.

If you haven't seen this special moment just yet, the Mario Movie has uploaded a clip featuring scenes from the movie (see above), and there's also a real-life video clip, featuring Jack Black dressed up as Bowser. Both of these clips have now had millions of views.

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