In a quick update, it seems 'Peaches' has already reached the top 100 on iTunes - coming in at #61, in between Linkin Park and Ellie Goulding.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie had an amazing soundtrack filled with all sorts of appropriately themed tracks, but one that stood out was Bowser's song 'Peaches'.

If Bowser's performance alone wasn't already enough, we've now got a live-action version thanks to the multi-media company Lyrical Lemonade and the Mario Movie voice of Bowser, Jack Black. He's dressed up as Bowser in his own outfit and even has a picture of the princess and some actual peaches (as in the fruit) alongside it.

If you enjoyed Jack Black's performance and the rest of the soundtrack that much, you might also be interested to know the Super Mario Bros Movie physical OST is now available for pre-order from 'iam8bit'. You can select from a regular CD, vinyl or even a cassette.

What did you think of Jack Black's musical performance as Bowser in the Mario Movie? Comment below.

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