Image: Hi-Rez Studios

Support for the Nintendo Switch version of free-to-play shooter Paladins is ending in late June, Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studios have announced.

This is the second free-to-play shooter from Hi-Rez Studios to end service on the hybrid console in just over a week after the developer also announced that Rogue Company would no longer receive updates.

In a statement made on the official Paladins website, similar reasons were given for why the developer has chosen to abandon the Switch version — "platform-specific problems" are mentioned, along with an acknowledgement that "the performance of our Switch port was not up to our or community standards". The developers will continue to focus on other platforms.

Paladins' last large-scale update on Nintendo Switch will be the Midnight Masquerade update, and the game and its DLC have been removed from the eShop today.

Fortunately, you can link your Nintendo Account with your Hi-Rez account and keep your progress by picking the game up on PC or Xbox. This probably isn't any consolation to those who picked up the Founder's Pack back in the day and don't have access to other consoles, however.

We enjoyed Paladins back when the game dropped in 2018, calling it "as exciting, tense and rewarding as Overwatch", scoring it an 8/10.

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