Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered
Image: Activision

The US Federal Trade Commission is attempting to get more information from Nintendo regarding the 10-year licensing deal it signed with Microsoft to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms.

In a report published by TweakTown (via My Nintendo News), the FTC apparently subpoenaed (an order to produce documents or information related to a case) Nintendo of America's vice president of publisher and developer relations Steve Singer after learning that Singer was responsible for the discussions between Nintendo and Microsoft. The FTC reportedly wants the exec to stand and give a testimony for up to seven hours.

While this is related to the Microsoft-Activision merger, the details of this specific subpoena were directly related to the deal between Nintendo and Microsoft, which was struck on 6th December 2022.

Nintendo has tried to get the subpoena dismissed, calling it "untimely" in a previous report from TweakTown. You can read the public records of this dismissal here. The deadline for the subpoena was 3rd March 2023, and the FTC only submitted it between 29th and 30th March after asking for the identity of Nintendo's negotiator on 16th March.

If the judges agree with Nintendo, then the company may not need to provide any additional information regarding the 10-year deal.

Legal proceedings on the Microsoft-Activision merger have been big news over the past four months, and our sister site Pure Xbox shared a statement from the Financial Times earlier today that suggests that the CMA in the UK is expected to approve the deal. The FTC is attempting to collect as much information as possible related to the upcoming merger in order to block the $68.7 billion merger.

If and when Call of Duty games come to the Switch, it will likely take a while after the merger has gone through for Call of Duty games to appear on other platforms until Microsoft and Activision "get into the rhythm".

What are your thoughts on this ahead of the CMA's decision this week? Do you want to see Call of Duty on Nintendo platforms? Let us know.

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