Last December, Square Enix announced the release of the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster for the Switch. More recently, pre-orders were being charged and now the Japanese game company has confirmed the compilation will be released for Nintendo's hybrid system later this month on 19th April.

This collection features the first six Final Fantasy games with updated 2D pixel graphics, rearranged soundtracks overseen by the original composer Nobuo Uematsu and improved gameplay features such as modern UI, auto-battle options, and more.

This collection first began life on the PC and mobile in 2022. On console, these games will be available digitally as separate individual purchases or can be bought in the collection. There'll also be physical editions, as previously revealed. Digital pre-orders are now live. The bundle will set you back $74.99 USD (or your regional equivalent). Individually, the first two games are priced at $11.99 USD and the rest will set you back $17.99 USD.

Some of the other features to expect from the Switch and PS4 version include the ability to change soundtracks between the original and rearranged version, change the game fonts from default to a new pixel-based one, turn off random encounters, and adjust the experience - speeding the process up and boosting exp.

You can learn more on the official Square Enix blog, and also in our previous Nintendo Life coverage:

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