Disney Speedstorm
Image: Disney, Gameloft

Ahead of the Disney Speedstorm early access launch next week on 18th April, Gameloft has revealed another new playable character for the free-to-play licensed racer.

This time it is Figment - the mascot of the "Imagination!" pavillion at Walt Disney World Resort's Epcot theme park.

Speedstorm's founder's pack is available for $29.99 USD or you can get the deluxe or ultimate packages for $49.99 / $69.99. These packs will give you access to racer unlocks, additional racers (of your choice), tokens, golden pass credits, exclusive founders kart livery and more.

You can see each pack on offer in our previous post, or hold out until the free-to-play version goes live at a later date:

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