Image: Fire Emblem Engage

Back when Fire Emblem Engage was released on the Switch at the start of the year, the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream ran a poll, asking fans who their favourite character was in the latest release.

Now, after two months, the final rankings are in! Thanks to a translation (via Serenes Forest), we've got the "top 25" characters of 39 characters - revealing the game's protagonist Alear as the favourite!

1. Alear
2. Diamant
3. Alfred
4. Alcryst
5. Yunaka
6. Sommie
7. Céline
8. Pandreo
9. Veyle
10. Ivy
11. Framme
12. Etie
13. Lapis
14. Anna
15. Louis
16. Goldmary
17. Hortensia
18. Boucheron
19. Chloé
20. Amber
21. Kagetsu
22. Clanne
23. Panette
24. Fogado
25. Vander

If you're looking for a reason to revisit Fire Emblem Engage on Switch, earlier this month Version 2.0.0 went live - adding the fourth wave of Expansion Pass content. This includes new characters, locations, maps and added class types.

Keep in mind that this poll is based on just a small sample of participants within Japan. Who is your favourite Fire Emblem Engage character? Tell us in the comments.

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