We're back with our new monthly video recapping some hidden gems on the Switch eShop, and we've got three cracking games for you this time around.

We say "we", but we actually mean Alex, Zion, and Felix over on our YouTube. Admittedly, Nintendo's had a bit of a quiet month on its home console, with only Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon being the big headliner. But the eShop indies have been scrambling over each other. If you've been reading our reviews, you know it's been anything but a quiet month.

This month, our lovely trio are chatting RPGs, rougelites, and Metroidvanias. Zion has been playing Meg's Monster, the unique RPG from Odencat. Felix has been getting a taste of death in Magic Design Studios' Have A Nice Death. Meanwhile, Alex has been trawling the caverns of Zapling Bygone by 9FingerGames. You can hear their thoughts and see how they play out in the video above.

Have you picked up any of these hidden gems? Are there any titles we haven't covered that you think we've missed out on? Let us know in the comments.