Publisher JanduSoft has announced Zapling Bygone, a "twisted" new Metroidvania that's heading to the Switch on March 9th, 2023.

Developed by 9FingerGames, Zapling Bygone sees you murder your foes and steal their skulls to learn their unique abilities, absorbing their consciousness into your hive-mind. Each skull you collect will allow you to traverse more of the game's world and give you more ways to eliminnate your enemies.

Here's a list of features from JanduSoft:

- A pixelart metroidvania created by a solodev.
- Tight but fair precision platforming.
- Rewards exploration, with hidden secrets around every corner.
- Piece together the history of an alien planet, while fighting off a foe from home.

Zapling Bygone has been priced up at $12.99 / $12.99.

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