Project Snorlax
Image: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has launched Project Snorlax — or Project Kabigon — a brand new website and social media account that focuses on the Sleeping Pokémon (via NintendoSoup).

On 17th March Snorlax got its own Instagram and Twitter account, complete with a cute little logo featuring the mammalian 'mon. This social media presence aims to “deliver the cuteness, coolness, and loveliness” of the beloved Pokémon.

Snorlax isn't the first Pokémon to get a dedicated 'Project' featuring special social media and website campaigns. Project Eeevee was launched in 2017, and spawned the Eevee Dance, while Project Piplup went live in 2021.

Those two campaigns focused on specific events, merchandise, and more for the Pokémon, so we're assuming we're going to get plenty of Snorlax-related content this year.

Pokémon Sleep sure seems like a good place to start — Snorlax is even in the logo. But alongside that, the Snorlax Squishmallow (as well as Togepi) is now available to buy on the Pokémon Center website in the UK.

What do you think Project Snorlax will bring? Are you a fan of the Sleeping Pokémon? Let us know in the comments.

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