Earlier this week, The Pokémon Company announced its next Tera Raid Battle for the Switch release Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

This event is now officially underway - running from now until 26th March. Trainers will be able to catch a Blissey. These Blissey come in various Tera Types and will also yield some delightful rewards including bonus Exp. Candies.

There's even a Blissey up for grabs that grants "loads of additional Tera Shards" with different "Tera Types".

If you're not familiar with Tera Raid Battles in Violet and Scarlet, it's where trainers work together to defeat powerful Tera Pokémon before the time runs out. Each raid event varies and Pokémon come with rare Tera Types.

In addition to Blissey this weekend, the second wave of the Mighty Decidueye is also taking place this weekend:

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