Image: The Pokémon Company

Earlier in March, The Pokémon Company announced its next 7-Star Tera Raid for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. It's now officially arrived, with trainers around the world now able to catch a Decidueye with the Mightiest Mark.

This Pokémon will be available from 17th March until 19th March in black crystal Tera Raids and once again on 24th March until 26th March. This Decidueye is not normally encountered in the Paldea region, has Flying as its Tera Type as well as Mightiest Mark.

Keep in mind, this special Decidueye can only be caught once per save file. After this, you can still participate in the Tera Raid Battles, but you'll receive different rewards.

If you're not familiar with Tera Raid Battles in Violet and Scarlet, it's where trainers work with three other trainers to defeat powerful Tera Pokémon before the time runs out. Each raid event varies and Pokémon come with rare Tera Types.

In somewhat related news, The Pokémon Company last week announced it would be issuing a new update for Scarlet and Violet towards the end of April. It'll address some bugs, which you can find out more about in our previous post:

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