Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports added golf to the mix late last year, and while it's seemingly got nothing else major planned in the near future, it's still being updated on a regular basis with some small patches.

The second update of the year (Version 1.4.0) makes some changes and adjustments, and also includes "several" fixes to improve the overall gameplay experience. Players can now collect items they may have missed before, and will unlock special crowns when achieving 'A Rank' in each sport.

The Switch Home menu icon for the game has also been updated to include a golf logo. Here's the full rundown, courtesy of the official Nintendo support webpage:

Ver. 1.4.0 (Released February 28, 2023)

Play Globally

  • Reissued items have been added.
    • If you collect all the currently available items, a collection of items that you did not complete before will become available (once per week only).


  • You can now get special items by fulfilling certain conditions (these are different types of crowns for each sport)
  • An issue has been fixed related to calculation of Pro League results.
  • Several issues have been fixed to improve the gameplay experience.<related ids="141862,130364">

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