To celebrate the launch of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon today, Nintendo has launched a new music video showcasing how the game's main theme, 'Together in the Moonlit Forest', was recorded.

Performed by Lauren McGlynn with music from PlatinumGames' Hitomi Kurokawa, the song clocks in at just under six minutes in length, and it's absolutely beautiful. The wonderful Irish lyrics mixed with the whimsical melody really matches with the tone of the game perfectly; it's certainly a big departure from the mainline Bayonetta series, that's for sure!

With the game out now, be sure to also check out our full review. We awarded it a 7/10 and said that it "is a delightfully stylish origin tale that sees young Bayo take her first steps on the road to becoming the badass Umbra witch we all know and love", but also warned that "repetition creeps in later in the game".

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What do you think of Bayonetta Origins' main theme? Will you be picking up PlatinumGame's latest effort? Let us know with a comment.