Image: Nintendo

PlatinumGames is seemingly going all in on the Bayonetta franchise, having launched Bayonetta 3 earlier this year to critical acclaim and currently gearing up for the imminent release of the prequel title, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, in March 2023.

Hideki Kamiya, Vice President of PlatinumGames and creator of Bayonetta, recently sat down with IGN Japan to discuss the future of the franchise, claiming that he could not envisage the series ever ending. When asked whether PlatinumGames would be up for making Bayonetta 4 and Bayonetta 5, this is what he had to say:

"I personally can't conceive the Bayonetta series ever ending. I want to make a Bayonetta 4 and Bayonetta 5, and I intend on pitching them to the company. We often talk internally about how we could make nine of them. I want people who love the Bayonetta series to believe me when I say: 'I'm not going to do anything that will betray the players'."

In addition to discussing the future of the series, Kamiya also reflected on his time with Bayonetta, having worked on the franchise for a total of 13 years. He states that while player expectations for a long-running series may shift over time, he believes that "developers need to have their own convictions as creators when they make games", maintaining a consistent world in their own way.

Fans will no doubt be be pleased with Kamiya's comments, as the most recent title in the series, Bayonetta 3, gained a whopping 10/10 in our review. We praised the over-the-top campaign, the impressive replayability, and the excellent performance from new Bayonetta voice actor, Jennifer Hale.

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