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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

GrimGrimoire OnceMore (NIS America, 4th Apr, $49.99) - GrimGrimoire OnceMore brings the classic strategy adventure from Vanillaware into the present! Join aspiring mage Lillet Blan on her journey within the Silver Star Tower, a renowned academy for magicians. All is not what it seems inside the tower walls — mysteries, monsters and menaces lurk about. Harness the power of magic to dispel the secrets hidden within and discover the truth of the Silver Star Tower! GrimGrimoire OnceMore is available to play on April 4.

Switch eShop - New Releases

A Light in the Dark (Sekai Games, 5th Apr, $19.99) - Hao-Chen Jiang did not understand what it was when he opened his eyes. Before him was a dim and dreary room that he had not seen before. Trying to get up to turn on the lights, he finds that his arms are tied behind him and that is when he realizes that he's been kidnapped. It is then that a mysterious girl appears before him and with a look of disdain tells him that he's been kidnapped and unless his family agrees to pay a ransom he has no chance to escape. But perhaps there is more to this than just money. . . The rich boy stuck in his never changing daily life. . . The fierce girl struggling for survival. . . Two people in totally opposite positions in life. During his days of imprisonment, they will learn of a world they were never aware of which will crumble away at their deep-rooted prejudices. In the face of confusion and the choices before them, what will they find. . . ?

Air Hockey Arcade: Casual Board Game (Megame, 23rd Mar, $9.99) - The classic arcade sports board game is now on your device! Play with friends or against AI of varying difficulty. The rules of the game are very simple - you need to protect your own goal and shoot the puck into the opponent's goal. But in reality, not everything is so simple - you will have to show incredible skills of dexterity and accuracy, because the enemy is not asleep and is also trying to drive the puck to you! If you are bored with the appearance, then you can always change the background or the look of the puck. Win rounds, get coins and customize the look of the game the way you want!

Anyaroth: The Queen’s Tyranny (Firenut, 30th Mar, $14.99) - In Anyaroth: The Queen’s Tyranny, you will be provided with a full range of weapons, objects and abilities that will let you explore all possibilities within the game’s fighting system. Have fun combining your weapons and abilities to end with your enemies in stylish ways. During your adventures, you will get to meet all kind of fellow rebels. Talk with them if you want to know more about the world of Anyaroth, its history or the Rebellion’s cause. In the time between fights, pay attention to the surroundings, as you may find artifacts containing key information or materials for crafting a secret weapon. Will you unveil all that this weird planet hides?

Arcade Archives BONZE ADVENTURE (HAMSTER, 23rd Mar, $7.99) - Bonze Adventure is an action game released by TAITO in 1988. Enma, king of the underworld, once kept order in his domain. However, one day, he suddenly lost his mind and plunged the underworld into chaos. This prompts Buddha to ask high priest Kackremboh from the mortal world to exorcise the evil from Enma. Buddha also granted Kackremboh prayer beads as a weapon for his mission, sending him off to battle the demons, ghosts, and even Lord Enma.

Arcane Vale (Dynamic Zero, 31st Mar, $7.99) - It's up to you to complete your father's legacy and discover a long-lost treasure as you are thrust into a world full of discovery. Explore a huge open world full of deadly creatures and hidden secrets. Complete quests to win favor with the local inhabitants, in return, they may just help you on your journey. Level up your skills and equipment to become stronger as you face ever more powerful and deadly foes.

Assault Suits Valken DECLASSIFIED (Rainmaker Productions, 30th Mar, $24.99) - Originally released for the Super Famicom/SNES in 1992, Assault Suits Valken takes place in a future where two governments are at war over both Earth’s dwindling natural resources and the territorial rights to its moon. Assuming the role of soldier Jake Brain, players will pilot his classic mecha through a variety of challenging 2D run-and-gun missions as they seek to fulfil Jake’s objective of destroying the opposing government’s most powerful extraterrestrial weapon - Read our Assault Suits Valken DECLASSIFIED review

Billy 101 (Ratalaika Games, 31st Mar, $4.99) - Meet Billy, a robot who is tired of his work on the production lines, who then decided to blow up everything and everyone in order to make his own choices. Shoot robots, solve puzzles with your mechanical arm, blow things up and try not to get blown up before confronting your boss! Billy 101 is a puzzle platformer featuring 30 handcrafted levels, and plenty of enemies to destroy.

Blade Assault (PM Studios, 31st Mar, $17.99) - Fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza as part of the resistance force of the Undercity. Bring the corrupt to justice by becoming stronger and fighting alongside your trusty comrades. Blade Assault is a 2D action rogue-lite platformer with beautiful pixel art set in a desolate sci-fi world. The game features tight, responsive controls and a cast of charming characters. Playable characters have various transformable weapons that they use to battle against their enemies. Weapons can be further customized by different “Cores” and “Transform Upgrades” that appear randomly during gameplay. Satisfying fast-paced combat. - Read our Blade Assault review

Bone’s Cafe (Acute Owl Studio, 31st Mar, $14.99) - Follow the journey of Bones the necromancer as you grow and expand your cafe. Serve your customers quickly, design your own cafe, discover recipes, customize your menu, strategically attract, kill, and harvest customers for fresh ingredients and use their souls to raise an undead army

BookyPets Legends (Devilish, 30th Mar, $19.99) - Now reading can also be a game for your children thanks to our exclusive methodology, GameReaging®, for the development of a reading habit, which has been scientifically validated. BookyPets Legends transports children to the other side of the universe, the magical kingdom of Imaginatios which is inhabited by all the characters from fairy tales, and by magical creatures with book-shaped wings, the BookyPets! The game consists of freeing the BookyPets, who have been trapped by 3 evil monsters (Fear, Laziness, and Selfishness), by reading hundreds of proverbs, fables, tales, legends and children's novels, in order to get keys and open the cages in which they are locked up. They will be helped by numerous fairytale characters, although some of them will also try to thwart the mission! BookyPets seamlessly blends reading into the gameplay and narrative of the video game to encourage children to read. Now, reading and playing will be one and the same.

Boreal Tenebrae Deluxe (RedDeerGames, 24th Mar, $7.99) - You play as multiple characters, each with their own story, and travel to actual locations in town and dark versions of them. In this nightmare, you have to solve the murder, search for your missing sister Sarah, and complete the mysterious ritual to save the dying town. Will you be able to unravel all the dark secrets of Boreal Tenebrae? Boreal Tenebrae was nominated for Best Art Direction and Best Narrative at the Canadian Game Awards 2021.

Bounce Journey (Gametry, 25th Mar, $2.99) - Embark on an incredible journey through a world filled with adventure and challenges as a cute bouncing ball in "Bounce Journey". This charming platformer game set in a cartoonish universe will have you jumping, rolling, and fighting your way through levels to rescue your friends and defeat your enemies. As you progress through the game, you'll face increasingly difficult obstacles and enemies that will test your skills and reflexes. With its colourful graphics, catchy soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, "Bounce Journey" is a delightful adventure that is sure to provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

Crime Busters: Strike Area (TROOOZE, 23rd Mar, $14.99) - “Crime Busters: Strike Area”is a solo single player/TOP DOWN Shooter game. Enjoy a thrilling TOP DOWN game with a diverse play mode and various weapons that can be unlocked by leveling up. The long-awaited ending is waiting for you. Hand over one Joy-Con™ Controller to another player to 'share', you can start a battle or collaborative play anywhere.

Dashing Orange (JanduSoft, 30th Mar, $3.99) - Dashing Orange is a fast-paced 2D platformer with a focus on precision and fluidity, where you´re in control of a cute little Orange in a journey in this abstract world. Along the way, you’ll master jump, wall-jumping, wall-sliding, dashing and more than 25 new mechanics and traps as you leap from level to level, moving along, up and down the screen to put in your best possible performance in 75 challenging stages.

Doodle World Deluxe (Nami Tentou, $9.99, 30th Mar) - Doodle World Deluxe includes the original version of Doodle World and the all-new game, Doodle World Redrawn! Doodle World features an innovative "Kids Mode". With "Kids Mode" younger players can enjoy the game with more lives, less levels, and easier enemies and bosses! Doodle World Redrawn is a new, never before released, re-imagining of Doodle World with tougher levels, enemies, and bosses! Use the new double jump ability to navigate through these tougher levels. "Kids Mode" is still available in this new version, so even younger players can enjoy this new game!

DREDGE (Team17, 30th Mar, $24.99) - Captain your fishing trawler to explore a collection of remote isles, and their surrounding depths, to see what lies below. Sell your catch to the locals and complete quests to learn more about each area’s troubled past. Outfit your boat with better equipment to trawl deep-sea trenches and navigate to far-off lands but keep an eye on the time. You might not like what finds you in the dark... - Read our DREDGE review

Dungeons & Dragons Bundle (Beamdog, 23rd Mar, $99.99) - Dive into award-winning Dungeons & Dragons RPG classics, enhanced for modern adventurers! Immerse yourself in epic RPGs where every choice matters. Your adventure awaits with these five enhanced editions: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition.

Figment 1 + Figment 2 (Bedtime Digital, 23rd Mar, $39.99) - FIGMENT A action-adventure set in the recesses of the human mind. . . Welcome to the world of Figment. A strange and surreal world; a place filled with our deepest thoughts, urges and memories, populated by the many voices we hear in our heads. FIGMENT 2 Figment 2: Creed Valley is an action-adventure game set in the human mind. Nightmares are spreading chaos and enemies have overrun once-peaceful lands. Join Dusty, the Mind’s courage, as you make your way through puzzles, musical boss fights and unique environments. Face your fears head-on.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour (CGA Studio Games, 31st Mar, $19.99) - A retro racer updated for the modern age, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour fuses the pick-up-and-play simplicity of 90s-style arcade racing with realistic physics, split-screen multiplayer. Building on the success of the original retro racing hit, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour introduces new tracks and car types for an additional level of depth. You'll race through iconic global locations, compete against other drivers, and try to beat your lap times. Do you have what it takes to master each racing line, hug every apex, and cross the chequered flag to victory?

IDEA (TLR, 16th Mar, $11.99) - Explore gorgeous landscapes, roll down highways and stumble upon welcoming cottages and abandoned dumpsters. Help your ideas find their way.

Kana Quest (Whitethorn Digital, 28th Mar, $14.99) - A Kawaii Kana Match-Em Up. Are you sick of educational games that are glorified pop-quizzes? Do you just want to play an awesome game and have a new real world skill at the end of it? Do you want to learn how to read Hiragana and Katakana? Well then, Kana Quest is for you! "But how does it work" I hear you think. Excellent question! In Japanese, each phonetic letter is called a Kana. Kana that have a shared sound will match. When all Kana in a level are connected by matches, it will be complete.

Kitty Rainbow (Tackorama, 4th Apr, $11.00) - You play as a rainbow-wielding cat on a mission to spread brightly coloured joy by removing bumble bees, off-beat music, and other unpleasant things. Your rainbows protect you from the bad things that can kill you and also provide you with platforms to walk and jump on. Cat on a rainbow Chasing you is the misery ghost who lurks near you at the start of every level. Initially stunned for several seconds the misery ghost wants to keep everything dull, grey and joyless. Spend too long shooting rainbows and jumping on rainbows and the ghost hunts you with increasing ferocity. Mysterache is your magical feline friend At the top of every level the Persian cat Mysterache is there to greet you. In his palace he offers you a random choice of three powerful permanent rewards to aid you on your rainbow mission. Touching his face removes all remaining enemies in play with his magic words and vanquishes the misery ghost.

Like Dreamer (Waku Waku, 29th Mar, $11.99) - What is Like Dreamer? A cute pop art-style shoot 'em up game from Outside, the makers of Cosmo Dreamer. In this game centered around a popular danmaku social network, you'll dodge bullet barrages in an array of virtual settings, earning Likes and Followers for your mad gameplay skills. Do not fret! While shoot 'em ups look tricky, there's really not all that much to it. This game is structured for a wide range of gameplay, from absolute beginner to seasoned expert.

LUNARK (WayForward, 30th Mar, $19.99) - Set on a distant planet ruled by a totalitarian regime, LUNARK is a modern take on the 2D cinematic platformer genre of the '90s. As Leo, a courier with unique abilities and a mysterious past, you'll run, jump, hang, climb, roll, and shoot through gorgeously animated pixel-art environments ranging from a dystopian megalopolis to eerie caves to an alien forest. You must overcome traps, solve puzzles, earn upgrades, and battle enemy droids, and when you're not fighting for survival, you'll meet a cast of colorful characters who will put Leo's allegiances to the test. Uncover the dark origin of humanity's new home and the truth about yourself in this epic sci-fi adventure!

Magic World: Unravel the Magic (Cooking And, 23rd Mar, $3.99) - When you are an apprentice spell caster, making the right choices is crucial to become a good wizard. Choose between 4 different characters and discover their stories throughout this magical game. Be careful, all the decisions you make will have consequences. Keep a cool mind and get all 4 protagonists to complete their lessons at the end of their story You will find up to 20 alternative endings!

MiniCar Extreme Car Driving Racing (Truck, Suv, Sedan, Cars) (VG Games, 30th Mar, $4.99) - This game gives you the feeling that such a real race without rules. Difficult battles against each other will provide you with very vivid emotions. A variety of cars and racing tracks will not let you get bored while playing. For practice, you can check out the Arcade mode. And for the more adventurous and experienced, there is an mode Championship with different tipe of deficlty. The Versus game mode will give you the opportunity to fight with your friends. Different abilities you can pickup , both useful and interfering with your victory, will not let you relax.

MOTHERED – A ROLE-PLAYING HORROR GAME (Dolores Ent., 30th Mar, $9.99) - MOTHERED is a first-person horror adventure game with point-and-click mechanics, set in a familiar yet eerily unnatural depiction of home. Set over the course of seven days, you play the role of LIANA - a young girl who's arrived home to stay with her mother after having undergone major surgery.

Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze (Pix'n Love Games, 24th Mar, $19.99) - In this vibrant tribute to the point-and-click genre, play as Nefasto, a corrupted piece of game data, locked in a buggy console! The system is about to crash and your time is running out! Will you find a way out before you are permanently deleted from the program? Adventure, action, puzzle, etc. Guide Nefasto through a strange and mind-blowing world as you solve challenging puzzles. Meet colorful-looking and talking characters, fight wacky bosses and unlock one of the many endings before the clock runs out!

Norn9: Var Commons (Aksys Games, 30th Mar, $49.99) - Explore a History that Never Existed! Sorata, a child prodigy, wanders away from his class field trip and awakens in a new but oddly familiar setting. He is taken to the Norn, a massive floating airship. Aboard he meets others – young people known as Espers, each with unique powers to control elements. . . or human minds. The land below them resembles the past, but everything is changed and under the control of a massive organization known as The World. Unravel the mysteries surrounding Sorata’s journey and his companions.

Orebody: Binder’s Tale (Nami Tentou, 30th Mar, $9.99) - Orebody: Binder’s Tale is a run-and-gun shooter that takes place on the alien world of Orebody. Built using the constraints of classic 8-bit games, Binder’s Tale provides an authentic old-school experience for young and old players alike. As an orphaned battle bot named Binder, players run, jump, and blast their way across Orebody in order to reach the Floating City of Galvanstad, a hovering A.I. fortress, to confront their makers and avenge the death of their mentor.

Panda’s Village (SM-Service, 1st Apr, $5.99) - There is a village in the mountains, where pandas live a peaceful life in harmony and joy. However, pandas share their territory with envious neighbors: the monkeys. These creatures usually invade the panda’s village and destroy the entire town. You play as a panda and must protect the village by showing the monkeys who is the boss.

Papertris (Flynns Arcade, 30th Mar, $4.99) - Papertris is an interesting and fun arcade puzzle game in which colored cubes can be combined in all 6 possible directions and you decide where to place them. It offers not only the classic puzzle variant, but also different depths. There are also power dice and numerous possible combinations in a carefully hand-painted classic but modern game of skill.

Pocket Academy 3 (Kairosoft, 30th Mar, $14.00) - Your favorite dream school simulator is back and better than ever! Introducing: The super fun school festival! Build facilities and create a great school environment. Set up classrooms, a cafeteria. . . and a counseling room! (A little nerve-wracking for students to get called in there! ) Place compatible facilities together to create popular spots which will make your school really stand out. As the school's popularity and rep go up, enrollment applications will flood in. Once you get the hang of things, hold a school festival, complete with fun activities for all!

Rafa’s World + Axolotl + .cat Milk (GAME NACIONAL, 1st Apr, $0.75) - GAME 1 - Take on the role of the boy Rafa in his own world full of creatures, monsters, diamonds, emeralds, boxes and a little shop to buy power-ups. GAME 2 - Explore over 50 different areas while trying to manage your stamina, passing through many types of traps. GAME 3 - This is a white little cat who loves to jump and to get into adventures around the town until he finds milk to drink. Once he accomplishes his mission, then it is time to go home.

Ratyboy Adventures (Weakfish Studio, 30th Mar, $9.99) - Explore dozens of different specially designed levels and pick up cheeses hidden around the rooms, leaving no item to collect in the level! Easy and comfortable controls allow you to lift your character onto objects bigger than you, grab onto small ledges and walk on them to find ways to reach your goal! With a timer that runs while you play, you can try again and again and compete with yourself to finish in less time! Enjoy the changing environment and atmosphere with the appropriate items for each room and try to finish all the levels with the best score, as each one will feel different!

Road 96: Mile 0 (PLAION, 4th Apr, $12.99) - Explore dozens of different specially designed levels and pick up cheeses hidden around the rooms, leaving no item to collect in the level! Easy and comfortable controls allow you to lift your character onto objects bigger than you, grab onto small ledges and walk on them to find ways to reach your goal! With a timer that runs while you play, you can try again and again and compete with yourself to finish in less time! Enjoy the changing environment and atmosphere with the appropriate items for each room and try to finish all the levels with the best score, as each one will feel different!

Saga of Sins (Just For Games, 30th Mar, $19.99) - Saga of Sins is an unholy action-adventure featuring a mystical storyline and rewarding arcade gameplay! Immerse into a world of stained glass inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) that is stained by sin. Play as the righteous cleric Cecil - who can enter people’s minds by transforming into four unique demonic creatures such as a howling werewolf or a fierce gargoyle - to fight the seven deadly sins and free the plague infested village of Sinwell. Every creature has individual skills that can be upgraded for gold dropped by enemies. Once unlocked you can switch between the creatures on the fly, each featuring a devastating Power Dash! - Read our Saga of Sins review

Shukuchi Ninja (2Awesome Studio, 31st Mar, $4.99) - Journey through ancient Japan as the Shukuchi Ninja, exiled from his former clan for wanting a more honorable way of life. Travel through vast areas defeating the Shukuchi Ninja’s newfound foe to bring peace and prosperity in a time of turmoil. A full, action-packed adventure awaits with over 70 levels, 7 troublesome bosses, an inspiring storyline, and unique controls - there's no other game like it! Shukuchi literally translated means shrink earth method, to travel at great speed, an ability that our hero has perfected over years of training. Take control of the Shukuchi Ninja and fly through the air at astonishing speed, attack enemies with your ninjatō, throw shuriken (ninja stars) at hard to reach enemies, and instantly teleport to quickly counter enemy attacks. With the power of healing, you must also aid the Shukuchi Ninja to ensure he doesn’t die!

Squares and Numbers (Kistler Studios, 30th Mar, $2.99) - Squares and numbers is an abstract nonogram puzzle game with over 100 levels. The game has different puzzle sizes and starts perfectly for beginners with a relatively easy puzzle size of three by three squares and ends up in the highest difficulty with a grid of 24 by 24 squares. Different difficulty and more than 100 levels makes this abstract nonogram puzzle game a must have for every puzzle game lover.

Stones Keeper (Valkyrie Initiative, 24th Mar, $19.99) - The Order of the Griffin has at its disposal a floating island-fortress on which its castle sits. As you develop your castle, you will have the opportunity to hire new warriors, equip them with weapons, armour, and elixirs. You can upgrade the castle's core systems to fight off pirate ships, artillery, and other flying islands. While moving your castle around the map, you explore and participate in story quests, discover ancient ruins, secrets, rewards, and artifacts. Stones Keeper uses a turn-based combat system, which lets you use environmental objects as protection against your enemies. As well as the ability to break some of the environmental objects down to move faster, which, in turn, opens up a lot of strategic possibilities. You can customize your squad by recruiting new companions with multiple specializations, skills and weapon preferences.

SUBNET – Escape Room Adventure (M9 GAMES, 23rd Mar, $5.99) - SUBNET – Escape Room Adventure is a first-person 3d escape room-inspired puzzle adventure, similar to adventure puzzle games you may have played in the ’90’s or similar to a real-life escape room you may have played. An indoor and outdoor immersive world that you explore and an inventory where you collect and use items you find along the way to solve puzzles and escape the locations to progress. Play as an IT expert helping in a mission to halt a hacker group exploiting the subway system for an unknown agenda. Explore areas and take in your surroundings. Use all of your puzzle-solving skills to make your way through the town and underground to track down the hackers and help stop their exploit before they escape

The Hero with a Thousand Arms (BitCA, 21st Mar, $4.99) - The Hero with a Thousand Arms has created a challenging game where multiple mini-games are running simultaneously on the screen, and the player needs to switch between them to operate. Meanwhile, the other games enter bullet time mode. Players need to carefully observe the status of each game and switch between them in a timely manner to prevent a game over, which is a significant test of their multitasking skills. The game contains a total of 10 mini-games, each lasting about one minute. During gameplay, player can earn "stars" as rewards, and using stars in the game produces different special effects. Additionally, stars can be used like arcade game coins to restart mini-games that have ended in a game over. So, even though it may be challenging to handle multiple games at the same time, as long as players can continuously obtain star rewards, they will have the seeds to reignite the fire of victory, while also adding a certain level of strategy to the game.

The Last Worker (Wired Productions, 30th Mar, $19.99) - The Last Worker is a first-person narrative adventure centered around our struggle in an increasingly automated world. Combining a hand-crafted art style with uniquely immersive gameplay mechanics in an epic setting, The Last Worker delivers an emotional, thought-provoking and comedic story packaged with rich characters performed by an all-star cast. - Read our The Last Worker review

Ultimate Anime Jigsaw Puzzle (NAISU, 30th Mar, $4.99) - Enjoy the jigsaw puzzles made of anime girls! - 100 different jigsaw puzzles to complete - Number of puzzle pieces choices: 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384 - Very high play time, it really takes hours!

Voice of Cards Trilogy (Square Enix, 23rd Mar, $49.99) - Voice of Cards is a quirky series of RPGs where the whole world is depicted through the medium of cards. The Voice of Cards Trilogy bundles together all three titles from the series; Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden and Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden. The titles in the Voice of Cards series are styled as a tabletop card game adventure, as if you are there at the table, talking to the game master as you play through a fantastical journey. During your adventure you will encounter sudden, random events, be faced with difficult decisions and occasionally win or lose battles with the roll of a die. Overcome all of these and many more fiendish challenges as you follow intriguing stories of heroes and villains to their conclusions.

Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist (Leoful, 31st Mar, $14.99) - Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist is a 16-bit kung fu action game that pays homage to retro kung fu games from the 80s and 90s. You play as kung fu heroine Xiaomei, who embarks on a journey to save her elder sister, Xiaoyin, from the evil influence of the Dark Dragon. Punch, kick, and unleash the Flame Dragon's Fist at enemies stopping you from saving your sister.

Yukiiro Sign (iMel, 30th Mar, $38.33) - A story of three girls and one season in the snowy town of Minamiouse. This is the story of a single season— Minamiouse is one of Japan's smallest towns, located in one of its most frigid regions. This year's snows are the earliest they've come in decades. There's change in the air, for better or worse. With two months left on the calendar, both of them looking wintry, Munefuyu plans to spend the time with his friends just like always.

What will you be downloading this week? (167 votes)

  1. GrimGrimoire OnceMore8%
  2. A Light in the Dark  0.6%
  3. Air Hockey Arcade: Casual Board Game1%
  4. Anyaroth: The Queen's Tyranny  0.6%
  5. Arcade Archives BONZE ADVENTURE3%
  6. Arcane Vale  0.6%
  7. Assault Suits Valken Declassified8%
  8. Billy 101  0%
  9. Blade Assault2%
  10. Bone's Cafe  0%
  11. BookyPets Legends  0.6%
  12. Boreal Tenebrae Deluxe  0.6%
  13. Bounce Journey  0.6%
  14. Crime Busters: Strike Area  0%
  15. Dashing Orange  0%
  16. Doodle World Deluxe  0.6%
  17. Dredge19%
  18. Dungeons and Dragons Bundle3%
  19. Figment 1 + Figment 2  0.6%
  20. Formula Retro Racing: World Tour1%
  21. Idea  0.6%
  22. Kana Quest1%
  23. Kitty Rainbow  0%
  24. Like Dreamer2%
  25. Lunark5%
  26. Magic World: Unravel the Magic  0%
  27. MiniCar Extreme Car Driving Racing (Truck, Suv, Sedan, Cars)  0%
  28. Mothered - A Role-playing Horror Game  0.6%
  29. Nefasto's Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze  0%
  30. Norn9: Var Commons1%
  31. Orebody: Binder's Tale1%
  32. Panda's Village  0%
  33. Papertris2%
  34. Pocket Academy 3  0%
  35. Rafa's World + Axolotl + .cat Milk  0.6%
  36. Ratyboy Adventures  0%
  37. Road 96: Mile 03%
  38. Saga of Sins  0.6%
  39. Shukuchi Ninja  0%
  40. Squares and Numbers  0%
  41. Stones Keeper  0%
  42. SUBNET - Escape Room Adventure  0%
  43. The Hero with a Thousand Arms2%
  44. The Last Worker1%
  45. Ultimate Anime Jigsaw Puzzle  0.6%
  46. Voice of Cards Trilogy4%
  47. Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist  0.6%
  48. Yukiiro Sign  0%
  49. Nothing for me this week25%

So that's your lot for this week's North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!