Call of Duty
Image: Activision

Believe it or not but Activision's Call of Duty series is actually coming back to Nintendo platforms after a 10-year commitment was finalised in February.

Since then, Microsoft has mentioned how it aims to bring the "best version" of the Call of Duty to Nintendo devices, and now adding to this, a new document published by the UK CMA has revealed even more claims made by the tech giant.

Microsoft mentions how it's "confident" Activision's development teams can optimise the Call of Duty games to "run on the Nintendo Switch in a timely manner" - using the techniques seen in previous Switch ports such as Apex Legends, DOOM Eternal, Fortnite, and Crysis 3. One CoD game it used as an example here was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

It also highlights how the popular battle royale mode Warzone has been made to support PC GPUs dating back to 2015, which is notably "prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017".

Some other points reiterated noted how CoD releases on Nintendo platforms would line up with the Xbox console versions, and the aim to "maintain feature and content parity", subject to Nintendo's own policy requirements.

So there you go, Microsoft is actually name-dropping "Switch" here while stating how it could natively support traditional CoD experiences as well as Warzone.

Would you be interested in playing newer Call of Duty games on Nintendo platforms? How about Warzone? Comment below.