Spike Chunsoft has released a brand new trailer introducing us to Master Detective Archives: Rain Code's World Detective Organisation. This is actually part two of the showcase, so make sure you go and check out that first WDO trailer from February.

We've met a handful of these characters before, such as Vivia Twilight and Aphex Logan, but between the two WDO trailers, we've got a cast full to bursting of 13 major players. And with all members of the WDO having a special 'Forensic Forte', it's clear the team at Too Kyo Games is channelling its experience on Danganronpa and the Ultimate's 'Talents'.

There is one brand new character in today's trailer, however, known as Number One. This person is the leader of the World Detective Organisation and is voiced by Akira Kamiya in Japanese, and SungWon Cho in English.

Rain Code Number One
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code launches on Switch on 30th June 2023. Will you be joining the WDO? Let us know in the comments.